Conquer Your Critical Inner Voice

conquer your critical inner voice

Robert W. Firestone Ph.D., Lisa Firestone Ph.D. and Joyce Catlett, M.A. – A Revolutionary Program to Counter Negative Thoughts  and Live Free from Imagined Limitations. – This book teaches the means for dealing effectively with negative thoughts, attitudes and beliefs that act as barriers to one’s personal development, sabotage relationships and interfere with career success. This destructive thought process is what authors Robert W. Firestone, PhD. and Lisa Firestone, PhD. term the “critical inner voice.” In 25 years since Dr. Robert W.Firestone first began his investigations and case studies of the critical inner voice, he has gained profound insight into how “voices” are internalized by means of our early experiences. As people begin to uncover why they took on these self-critical attitudes and identify their misplacement in their current lives, they are finally able to separate from self-destructive thoughts, behaviors and patterns in their lives.


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