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Death anxiety is a complex phenomenon – a blend of many different emotions – that impacts people throughout their lives. Our existential fears can affect us on both an unconscious and conscious level. They can cause us to retreat from our goals or attempt to cut off our emotions. The arousal of death anxiety generally leads to an increased reliance on defensive behaviors and self-protective lifestyles. However, facing our feelings about death and loss can help us to live our lives with more purpose and meaning. Learn how life-affirming death awareness can lead to living a richer, more rewarding life.

Societal Defenses Against Death Anxiety

Faced with the painful awareness of death’s finality, individuals try to recreate a parent or parents in other people, groups, or institutions, or they search for a personal savior on earth or in the heavens. Just as the imagined merger ...

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Death Anxiety

Although largely unconscious, the awareness of our finite existence, the fact that we all must die, has a profound impact on our thoughts, feelings, and behavior. The fear and emotional anguish associated with anticipating the end of life are so ...

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Separation Theory

[Separation Theory] is integrative even beyond the blending of the psychoanalytic and existential views… It views people as being innately innocent rather than destructive or corrupt, and thereby it rejects Id Psychology in favor of an existential view of humankind. Its ties ...

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The Impact of Death on our Everyday Lives

The conscious or unconscious fear of death can alter many aspects of behavior. Most people, including mental health specialists, have failed to recognize the full significance of the impact of death on life.  The fear of death arises as each ...

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Creating Meaning: On the Role of Death in Life

A CE Webinar with Dr. Sheldon Solomon – This Webinar will introduce an overview of Terror Management Theory (TMT). TMT posits that the juxtaposition of an inclination toward self-preservation with the highly developed intellectual abilities that make humans aware of their vulnerabilities and ...

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Defenses Against Death Anxiety

This program illustrates the primary dimensions of each person’s existential dilemma, including the tendency to gradually accommodate to death anxiety by giving up one’s life prematurely. Self-destructive lifestyles, addictive patterns and attachments, vanity, and a sense of omnipotence also help ...

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