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Why Are You Avoiding Intimacy?

There’s often a lot of mystery surrounding a budding relationship.


Why Are You Avoiding Intimacy?

There’s often a lot of mystery surrounding a budding relationship.

4 Steps to Help Your Partner Hear Your Concerns

One of the key signs of a secure and healthy relationship is the ability to be honest.

Why Can’t You Move on From Your Relationship?

Relationships often end after a pile-up of issues become too messy to unravel.


Why Do Kids Get Stuck on Certain Tasks?

When we focus on our kids’ learning process over their final product, we can take steps to help them overcome…

3 Essential Steps to Take Before Getting Angry at Your Kids

For parents, there is a better way to handle your own anger before you act.

The Key to Raising Independent, Capable Kids

Am I being nurturing or neglectful?

Challenging the Fantasy Bond

Presenter: Lisa Firestone, Ph.D.

Watch the Webinar   SEE SLIDES FROM THE WEBINAR HERE   [divider] Challenging the Fantasy Bond: New Book Now Available! This much-anticipated follow-up to the critically-acclaimed and bestselling The Fantasy Bond tackles the complex question of why so many of us are compelled to repeat the pain of our past while avoiding positive experiences that could…
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Strategies for Increasing Diversity and Supporting Students in the Mental Health Field

July 11, 2022
In this Webinar:  There is a lack of racial and ethnic minorities in the field of psychology, with some estimates…Learn More

We Are Intraconnected: Living Into the Wholeness of Life

September 13, 2022
In this Webinar:  What does it mean to be intraconnected? In weaving the internal and external, the subjective and objective,…Learn More

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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder: Key Principles of Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP)

In this Webinar:  This webinar has been developed for both professionals, who work with people with OCD, as well as for people dealing with…Learn More

The Role of Death Anxiety on Attitudes and Behavior Aroused by the Pandemic

In this Webinar:  This webinar with Dr. Sheldon Solomon, one of the founders of TMT (Terror Management Theory), will focus…Learn More