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Why Do We Underestimate Our Effect on Others?

New research shows that small acts of kindness have a much bigger impact than we think.


Want a Better Relationship? Work on Collaborative Communication

Many people have only heard the term “collaborative communication” used in the context of company culture and teamwork.

Why Is Honesty So Important in a Relationship?

When we talk about honesty in relationships, our mind often goes straight to deception.

Why Are You Avoiding Intimacy?

There’s often a lot of mystery surrounding a budding relationship.


Parenting to Grow Self-awareness and Self-management

Parents teach children to notice and respond to hunger, cold, and a full bladder.

Why Do Kids Get Stuck on Certain Tasks?

When we focus on our kids’ learning process over their final product, we can take steps to help them overcome…

3 Essential Steps to Take Before Getting Angry at Your Kids

For parents, there is a better way to handle your own anger before you act.

Challenging the Fantasy Bond

Presenter: Lisa Firestone, Ph.D.

Watch the Webinar   SEE SLIDES FROM THE WEBINAR HERE   [divider] Challenging the Fantasy Bond: New Book Now Available! This much-anticipated follow-up to the critically-acclaimed and bestselling The Fantasy Bond tackles the complex question of why so many of us are compelled to repeat the pain of our past while avoiding positive experiences that could…
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How Do People Become Violent and How Do They Get Better?

November 2, 2022
  In this Webinar:  In this enlightening webinar, Dr. James Garbarino, a leading expert on violence, will present a developmental…Learn More

Understanding Our Emotional Triggers

December 7, 2022
In this Webinar:  This special CE webinar aims to answer three essential questions: What are your emotional triggers? Where do…Learn More

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988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline Now Active Across the United States!

Watch the webinar here! In this Webinar:  This free webinar will address how the 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline works…Learn More

Strategies for Increasing Diversity and Supporting Students in the Mental Health Field

In this Webinar:  There is a lack of racial and ethnic minorities in the field of psychology, with some estimates…Learn More