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Communication Between Couples

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Healthy communication is one of the most essential keys to maintaining a close relationship. One of the biggest problems in communicating is that most couples have a basic misconception regarding the purpose of communication and approach talking with a partner as a debate. Communication should involve the collaboration of two people, as they share and examine all of their perceptions, feelings, ideas and thoughts to come to an accurate understanding of each other and their circumstances. Here you can learn to identify negative ways you might be communicating with your partner as well as techniques to achieving better communication in your relationship.

The Key to Healthy Communication

The other night at dinner, a man asked, “What do you suggest my girlfriend and I do to maintain good communication in our relationship?” What came to mind was all of the bad communication that I have observed between couples ...

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Human Rights Violations in Personal Relationships

When protection of the state or political system takes precedence over the individual, the needs of most citizens are not served; instead they generally suffer economically, politically, and personally. Similarly, when the couple or family system takes precedence over its ...

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Top 10 Effective Communication Techniques for Couples

Good communication skills are the keys to any successful relationship because relationships are emotional and rely on interpersonal verbal and nonverbal exchanges between the two people involved.  Most marriages start out with the idea of success not realizing the number ...

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What Is Your Role in Your Relationship?

Conflict between a couple can often feel convoluted and layered in ways that are hard to make sense of. But, there is one dynamic that may be a bit easier to wrap our heads around. Very often, couples get into ...

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Take Control of Who You Are in Your Relationship

I often speak to people who are in distress over the way their romantic partner treats them. They believe that they want to be close, but that their partner is preventing it by being “condescending”, “critical,” “irresponsible,” “distant,” or “rejecting.” This makes ...

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