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Eating Disorders

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Suffering with an eating disorder can be a serious and debilitating condition to endure. Yet, a preoccupation with food and weight is a common psychological struggle that many people face. Anyone who is suffering should know that they are not alone, and that help is available. There are many ways to treat the various eating disorders that men and women of all ages may encounter at various stages of their lives. Hear from experts on many topics surrounding the journey to recovery from eating disorders and hunger diseases.

“My Daughter Won’t Eat!”

So, its dinner time and you’ve been logging in hours at the stove preparing what you thought was your daughter’s favorite meal; mashed potatoes, steak, and green beans. She has always loved this meal. Ever since she was very young, ...

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What is Body Image?

“Body image.” These are two words that have recently become commonplace in the media, whether they are used positively…or negatively. When you put the words together, what do they really mean? Do they conjure feelings of security, love, and value, ...

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What’s Behind Emotional Overeating?

Last month, Michelle Obama made a special guest appearance on the long-running hit TV show, The Biggest Loser. I’d heard about the show’s premise: contestants who struggle with obesity and often face serious health risks relocate to a fitness ranch, ...

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Thy Food Shall Be Thy Medicine

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Anyone who has worked with people with addictions and particularly challenging mental health issues, such as eating disorders – if he or she is being honest – will tell you that frustration is a familiar companion on the journey to ...

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Finding a Cure for Overeating

Body Image, Overeating

I recently read a five-page article in a popular magazine that quoted a committee of experts on nutrition, behavior medicine, cooking, and health that suggests that we, as Americans, should throw out everything we know about meal planning, calorie counting ...

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Making Peace with Our Bodies

It’s no secret that our society has a little, shall we say, hang-up on body image. While women are the primary targets, let’s not forget our testosterone-laden brethren, who are not exempt from “good-natured” ribbing from pals or offhand comments ...

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