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  • Understanding Stress

    A lot of people feel stressed because they have more things they need or want to do then they can get done. These unrealistic expectations can lead us to attack ourselves with unrealistic self-critical thoughts.

  • Silence the Inner Voice That’s Stressing You Out

    Millions of Americans struggle with unhealthy levels of stress. Stress isn’t just destructive to our mental health but to our physical health as well. It weakens our immune systems and contributes to heart disease, high blood pressure, strokes, and other illnesses.

  • Money Stress: Why We Use Money to Feel Bad About Ourselves

    Money may seem like a practical concern, requiring rationality and logic to manage. However, we very often underestimate the emotional aspects of handling money.

  • What to Do When Your Child is Stressed

    In a culture of multitasking, ADD and stress, it’s no wonder our kids are experiencing similar pressure and fears.

Many of us experience stress on a daily basis. Today, many of our lifestyles have fallen into the go, go, go pattern of leaping from task to task, interrupted only by brief moments of unwinding. Yet, why are we so accepting of stress? How can we take a proactive approach to taking a closer look at why we get stressed, challenging this feeling, and making an effort to overcome it?

Breaking the Habit of Our Unhealthy Stress Cycle

Start Making Sense of Anxiety – See, Sense, Set a New Direction Raise your hand if you have never experienced anxiety. I’ve asked this question to thousands of people around the country when teaching about stress reduction, and not one ...

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Panic Attacks: What You Need to Know

In my work as a clinical psychologist, I love when I get contacted by someone who wants therapy for anxiety. From OCD to phobias, I know that there are things that I can tell them in our first meeting that ...

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4 Home Remedies for Being More Relaxed

Life sure has a way of throwing things at us, from money problems and family responsibilities to job stresses and general, personal insecurities. We all have times when our minds are on full-speed mode, making it hard for us to ...

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How to Outsmart Panic Attacks

In this Webinar, clinical psychologist Dr. Danny Zamir will teach you how to help yourself or your clients to outsmart anxiety and panic symptoms. He will explain techniques to help interrupt the thought patterns and behaviors driving panic responses in ...

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How to Stop Worrying

“That the birds of worry and care fly over your head, this you cannot change, but that they build nests in your hair, this you can prevent.” – Chinese Proverb For many of us, worry can feel like an uncontrollable force ...

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Secrets to a Less Stressful Life

You’re at your desk, about to log off for your lunch break, when you hear the ding of an incoming text. You read the message from your partner saying, “Meeting got moved. Can’t get kids from school today.” By the time ...

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3 Remedies for a Stressed Out World

Most people I meet would like to be calmer and more focused on what matters in the moments of their lives. But the more stressed we are, the less open we are to creative ideas and the more prone we ...

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