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  • PsychAlive

    PsychAlive is a free, nonprofit resource created by The Glendon Association. Help support our effort to bring psychological information to the public by making a donation. Read More
  • Sarah Adams

    Sarah Adams is a social worker in Santa Barbara, CA. She earned her Master of Arts in Social Work at the University of Southern California and now works with youth and teenagers in Santa Barbara. Read More
  • Steven Aitchison

    Steven Aitchison is the UK's top personal development blogger. He has a BSc in Psychology. He has written several books and guides for personal development. You can read more about Steven through his blog Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life. Read More
  • Diana Alonso

    Diana Alonso is currently a senior at the University of California, Santa Barbara, where she is pursuing a degree in Psychology. She is currently a Friday Night Live intern at the Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse. As an intern, she works with the youth at educating... Read More
  • Jo Barrington

    Born in Washington D.C., Jo Barrington now lives in Santa Barbara, California. She has been interested in psychological ideas and theory from early in her life and for the last 26 years she has edited psychological books and videos, with a little creative writing on the side! Read More
  • Sam Bean

    Samantha Bean is a student at the University of California Santa Barbara. Finishing up a degree in Comparative Literature and Professional Writing, Bean is pursuing the career path she has devoted herself to since she was a child: writing. She writes for PsychAlive as well as interns at the Santa Barbara Independent, and has her sights set on advocacy writing for social justice. Read More
  • Fred Branfman

    Fred Branfman is a writer and political activist who only began studying his psychology in his ‘50s. He’d advise anyone to do it in their 20s, but has also found it’s never too late to start. He has found the ideas presented in Psychalive.org have vastly improved his energy and... Read More
  • Marcus Clarke

    Marcus has a degree in psychology, a masters degree in health psychology and has worked within the NHS as well as private organisations. Marcus started psysci a psychology and science blog in order to disseminate research into bitesize, meaningful and helpful resources that are interesting and insightful and often help people on the right track to improving their lives. Read More
  • Angelina Cruz

    Angelina Cruz is a student at the University of California, Santa Barbara majoring in psychology. She works in the Vision Lab for the psychological and brain sciences department at UCSB, and volunteers at the Goleta Valley Hospital taking care of the elderly. Her goal is to use her... Read More
  • Caroline DeLoreto

    Caroline DeLoreto, MFT, MA in Education and M.A. in Clinical Psychology, lives happily with her partner Adam in Santa Barbara, CA. She is the author of the children’s book, The Yawn That Went Around the World. She has worked as a Learning Specialist, Life Skills Teacher... Read More
  • Tamsen Firestone

    Tamsen Firestone is the author of Daring to Love and the creator and Editor-in-Chief of PsychAlive.org. She is an editor of books written for the psychology profession, including Conquer Your Critical Inner Voice, The Fantasy Bond, and Fear of Intimacy. She created and launched PsychAlive.org in 2006 with the goal of making impactful psychological material easily available to the general public.

    Read More
  • Naomi Firestone

    Naomi Firestone is writer, who blogs for the Huffington Post. She is interested in psychology and child development.

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  • Lena Firestone

    Lena Firestone is a writer and new media specialist. She holds an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of California, Irvine. She currently works at PsychAlive.org and leads private writing workshops in Santa Barbara, CA.

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  • Sarah Fraser

    Sarah Fraser is an international executive coach and workshop facilitator at her London-based company, Happiness Express. She holds a diploma in Personal Performance Coaching, is a Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and a certified Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)... Read More
  • Agnes Green

    Agnes Green is a researcher for the sleep science hub Tuck Sleep. She holds two master’s degrees in the social sciences from the University of Chicago and Northwestern University. She sleeps most soundly after a kettlebell workout, on a medium-firm mattress, to the sound of a drizzle wafting in through a cracked window in Portland, Oregon. Read More
  • Melissa Haberman

    Melissa got a Master’s degree in counseling and runs a small practice out of her home in the Minneapolis, Minnesota. She writes about relationships and the power of positive thinking and living for a number of blogs. Read More
  • Kevin Hines

    Kevin Hines is a speaker, author and advocate for mental and behavioral health. He is one of 33 Golden Gate Bridge jump survivors. He is the sole survivor actively spreading the message of living mentally well and the prevention of suicide. Kevin has spoken to over 300,000 people... Read More
  • Tyler Jacobson

    Tyler is an experienced researcher and writer for organizations that help troubled teen boys. His writing offers real life experiences, humor, and hope for parents of difficult teens. Tyler enjoys bringing honest solutions to families looking for ways to heal. He helps parents by writing valuable information on topics such as education, social media use, behavioral and mental disorders, as well as addiction, Tyler has helped hundreds of families in need... Read More
  • Elise Jamison

    Elise Jamison is an 18 year old from Canfield, Ohio. She will be attending the university of South Carolina honors college in the fall. Read More
  • Mike Jones

    Mike Jones is interested in alternative remedies and natural beauty. He writes on these topics for https://homeremedyshop.com/. Also, Mike wants to transition to raw-veganism so he's always checking for new health benefits of veggies and fruits. Mike is very active on Facebook and Twitter. Read More
  • Philip Karahassan

    Philip Karahassan is a Psychotherapist and the founder of www.TherapyIn.London with a private practice in Cavendish Square, Central London. His blog, Philip on tech (www.philipontech.wordpress.com) has concerned itself with how the willingness and need to adopt technology into our lives has affected the society... Read More
  • Yael Kent

    Yael Kent is a student at the University of California, Santa Barbara majoring in psychology and global studies. Yael is actively involved in intimacy and relationship research and works in the Close Relationships Lab for UCSB’s psychology department. Yael also works on campus at the UCSB... Read More
  • Gloria Kopp

    Gloria Kopp is a psychology writer at Bigassignments. She loves writing about health, yoga and psychology, and is working on her Studydemic educational blog. Gloria is a regular contributor at Microsoft and Australian Help blogs.
    Read More
  • Colin Mattingly

    Colin Mattingly graduated from UCSB with a BA in Philosophy in 2013. At the tail end of his undergraduate career, Colin found his intellectual curiosity aligning more closely with the field of psychology. Colin sees studying psychology as a natural continuation of the intellectual pursuits he embarked... Read More
  • Alexandra McKellar-Kirchoff

    Alexandra graduated in 2012 from UCSB with her Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and a minor in Applied Psychology. She has always enjoyed studying psychology, specifically human interaction. She is currently implementing her leadership experience through her retail management position... Read More
  • Collin McShirley

    Collin McShirley grew up in Santa Barbara, California. She attended UCSB and received her BA in Art History and later attended Antioch University and received her MA in clinical psychology. She is a Marriage and Family Therapist Intern who is certified and specializes in the treatment of disordered eating, body image... Read More
  • Daniella Pavone

    Daniella Pavone is an undergraduate at the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB). She is majoring in psychology and minoring in applied psychology. The opportunity to be at UCSB has allowed her to pursue her love for learning, analyzing, researching information, and... Read More
  • Marianne Riley, LGPC

    Marianne Riley is a psychotherapist and a professor of psychology. Marianne work’s with a range of different issues, but specializes in body image, self-esteem, eating disorders, ADHD, anxiety and depression. Read More
  • Bethany Saltman

    Bethany Saltman is an award-winning editor, writer, researcher, and consultant. Her work can be seen in magazines like the New Yorker, New York Magazine, Atlantic Monthly, Parents, Town & Country, and many others... Read More
  • Madeline Sharples

    Madeline Sharples has worked most of her life as a technical writer and editor, grant writer, and proposal manager. She fell in love with poetry and creative writing in grade school and decided to fulfill her dreams of being a professional writer later in her life. Madeline is the author of Leaving... Read More
  • Sylvia Smith

    Sylvia Smith is a relationship expert with years of experience in training and helping couples. She has helped countless individuals and organizations around the world, offering effective and efficient solutions for healthy and successful relationships. Her mission is to provide inspiration, support and empowerment to everyone on their journey to a great marriage. She is a featured writer for Marriage.com, a reliable resource to support healthy happy marriages. Read More
  • Maureen Sullivan

    Maureen Sullivan is a writer for PsychAlive and has been on the staff of The Glendon Association, a nonprofit that promotes mental health education, since 2003. A lifelong dancer and spiritual explorer, Maureen identifies healing as her purpose.... Read More
  • Megan Thiels

    Megan Thiels is a student at the University of California, Santa Barbara majoring in Psychology and Communication. She is involved in the Greek community on campus and volunteers for various organizations in the Goleta and Santa Barbara area. In the future, Megan intends to pursue... Read More
  • Margie Ulbrick

    Margie is a relationship counselor and communications coach who also works as a family lawyer specializing in collaborative and non-adversarial methods of dispute resolution. Her book, written with colleague Dr Richard Chambers, Mindful Relationships comes out early next year... Read More
  • Rachel Walsh

    Rachel Walsh is pursuing her MA in Clinical Psychology at Antioch University of Santa Barbara where she also received her BA with an emphasis in Child Development and Education. She has worked with individuals who have developmental disabilities and their families for over 5 years, and has taught inclusive yoga... Read More
  • Amy Williams

    Amy Williams is a free-lance journalist based in Southern California and mother of two. As a parent, she enjoys spreading the word on positive parenting techniques in the digital age and raising awareness on issues like cyberbullying and online safety. Read More
  • Elizabeth Wyatt

    Writer, artist, and educator Elizabeth Wyatt has been teaching writing and literature for ten years, and making art since she can remember. She holds a B.A. in English from Southern Methodist University, and Master of Fine Arts and Master of Arts degrees in poetry and English, respectively, from the University... Read More
  • Jody Zarkos

    An award-winning newspaper reporter, Jody Zarkos is the sports editor at KECH and KSKI Radio in Sun Valley, Idaho, where she resides with her husband and two children. Read More
  • Brian Zeng

    Brian Zeng is the owner of Ponbee.com. He is an entrepreneur by spirit. Through Ponbee, Brian would like to share his insights on an array of topics related to business, e-commerce, digital marketing, and entrepreneurship. His recent collection of motivation quotes will surely help you to see failure and success in a different perspective. Read More


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