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  1. I think you make some excellent points in your video on Valentine’s Day. Shared expectations can make a difference in any event, including celebrating Valentine’s Day. Talking with your partner about expectations and your feelings can help prevent disappointment and misunderstandings. While some may view the holiday as silly: you don’t want to diminish the importance of the holiday if it is important to your partner. I also like the idea of shared experiences over giving gifts.

  2. I find it gender biased and sexist that Tamsen Firestone uses the phrase “…picking the same creeps” clearly referring to men. If a male therapist had said “…and why I keep picking these lying scheming bitches..?” and that video were on here, I dare say you would never hear the end of it. I expect a more gender neutral approach and that a therapist of all people is capable of using better than a 11 year old’s vocabulary. Sad that parents readily adapt kids words like creep, scary, etc. Although with women going to prison at 2x the rate of men now I suppose those are applying to more women. Let’s ‘up the bar’ ladies. Is your vocabulary IQ not better than your 5th grader?

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