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Video Playlist: Dr. Dan Siegel

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  1. is it possible to get a copy of the complete interview with Dan Siegel in Mar of 2011 – where he is talking about attachment and related issues . . . if I have to – can I purchase it?

    I’d really like to hear the whole thing from beginning to end – since I think all the video clips are not listed in order – and it feels like he is jumping all over the place



    • Hello, Pam. We don’t have the entire interview available as a product. Out of all our products, this eCourse, presented by Drs. Lisa Firestone and Daniel Siegel, is the one that goes into the most depth about Dr. Siegel’s work on attachment: http://ecourse.psychalive.org/making-sense-of-your-life-ecourse-dan-siegel-lisa-firestone/

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