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PsychAlive has produced a vast selection of educational documentary films on topics of relationships, parenting, self-development and violence and suicide prevention. We welcome you to browse through our selection of available documentaries.

Mindfulness in Everyday Life: An Interview with Donna Rockwell

Donna Rockwell, Psy.D., L.P. is a licensed clinical psychologist, adjunct faculty member, community outreach worker, columnist, and mindfulness meditation teacher. Dr. Rockwell specializes in both mindfulness and celebrity mental health. She works with clients in her private practice and teaches public meditation classes. In this DVD, ...

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Hunger Versus Love

Subtitle: A Perspective on Parent-Child Relations. In this program, Dr. Robert Firestone clarifies the distinction between parental behavior that leads to an anxious attachment in children and behavior that promotes a secure attachment. Participants in a parenting discussion group explore ...

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Invisible Child Abuse

A compelling program that sheds light on patterns of emotional child abuse that have been largely neglected in our focus on physical and sexual abuse. Throughout the program, the participants reveal that despite their successes, they continue to treat themselves ...

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Parental Ambivalence

Parents are people who exist in a state of conflict between fulfilling themselves as unique individuals on the one hand, and limiting their lives on the other. Because mothers and fathers have both positive and negative feelings toward themselves, they ...

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Teaching Our Children About Feelings

This film features a lively discussion between several young teenagers, ages 13-14, and Dr. Robert Firestone about the importance of being in touch with one’s feelings and developing the ability to communicate feelings to others, including one’s competitive feelings. This ...

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