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PsychAlive has produced a vast selection of educational documentary films on topics of relationships, parenting, self-development and violence and suicide prevention. We welcome you to browse through our selection of available documentaries.

The Implicit Pain of Sensitive Child-Rearing

This film examines the reasons why many parents find it difficult to sustain loving relationships with, and offer nurturance to, their children. One reason is that when parents treat their children sensitively and in ways that are different from how they were treated as children, they often experience considerable sadness. This film clearly reveals the… Read more »

The Inner Voice in Child Abuse

A powerful examination of the vital link that is primarily responsible for the repetition of both physical and emotional child abuse from one generation to the next. This program contains personal revelations concerning the core issues involved in the mistreatment of children. Dr. Robert Firestone interacts with a group of parents, and their honest responses… Read more »

Fantasy Bond

Film supplement to the book “The Fantasy Bond”. In this dynamic interview, Dr. Robert W. Firestone discusses his concept of the “Fantasy Bond” and its relationship to the neurotic process with Dr. Richard Sieden, suicidologist, and Barry Langberg, attorney. The topics discussed include the dynamics of the “Fantasy Bond,” the “voice” and a defended lifestyle;… Read more »

The Fear of Intimacy

Subtitle: An Examination of Withholding Behavior Patterns. A deeply moving program that explores the barriers to intimacy and closeness. In this compelling film, Dr. Robert W. Firestone and participants in a seminar on relationships expose the basis of the fear of intimacy and describe ways of challenging behavior patterns that cause distress in relationships. Format:… Read more »

Sex and Society

Subtitle: Everyday Abuses to Children’s Emerging Sexuality. Distorted attitudes towards sex and prejudicial views of men and women are often learned in family interactions, explicitly through imitation. These disturbances about sexuality are retained throughout life and cause serious problems in intimate relationships. In this film, men and women describe incidents from their childhood and adolescent… Read more »

Exploring Relationships

What are people looking for in a mate? Why are many people deceptive in their closest relationships? Why do they find it so difficult to sustain love and closeness? In this film, the participants, with refreshing candor, discuss topics of mate selection, honesty and deception, and the process of learning how to love. This filmed… Read more »

Closeness Without Bonds

A moving story of men and women struggling to recapture the essence of their closest, most intimate relationships, set against the background of skillful psychotherapeutic intervention. Dr. Robert W. Firestone explains and illustrates his concept of the “Fantasy Bond,” an illusion of connection utilized as a defense mechanism against emotional closeness. This film offers fresh… Read more »

Understanding & Preventing Suicide

How can you know if your family member or friend may be suicidal? How do you recognize the warning signs? How can you help? The Glendon Association has produced a program to inform the public about suicide prevention. This powerful new film highlights the lives of three individuals, Kevin, Susan and Trish, who made serious… Read more »

Faces of Suicide

Faces of Suicide is an award-winning documentary short, which follows the journey of several suicide survivors (family members who have lost loved ones to suicide) as they go though the process of creating the Central Coast of California Suicide Survivors Quilt. The Quilt, similar to the original AIDS Quilt, was created to honor the lives… Read more »

Defenses Against Death Anxiety

This program illustrates the primary dimensions of each person’s existential dilemma, including the tendency to gradually accommodate to death anxiety by giving up one’s life prematurely. Self-destructive lifestyles, addictive patterns and attachments, vanity, and a sense of omnipotence also help people deaden themselves. In this filmed discussion, however, consideration is given to the positive aspect… Read more »