The Fear of Intimacy

fear-of-intimacy1Subtitle: An Examination of Withholding Behavior Patterns. A deeply moving program that explores the barriers to intimacy and closeness. In this compelling film, Dr. Robert W. Firestone and participants in a seminar on relationships expose the basis of the fear of intimacy and describe ways of challenging behavior patterns that cause distress in relationships.

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My father’s sexual abuse which started very early before I was out of nappies has made me feel hate and disgust toward intimacy. What is it in a father that makes him think incest is ok?

Marc Moïni

Shocking and puzzling, isn’t it? One pattern that stands out from listening to hundreds of Loveline calls is that people who abuse others were abused themselves. Alice Miller also has books about this. Pia Mellody explains how abuse and neglect in childhood prevent us from developing core emotional capabilities, the absence of which then leaves us turning to tragic strategies, in order to meet our essential needs (including affection and sexual expression).

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