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The Student section of PsychAlive comprises blogs and articles written by college students from across the country. The topics in this section include everything from comments on pop-culture to personal accounts of relationships to up-to-date findings and statistics from the field of psychology. These student contributions are a lively and informative addition to PsychAlive’s resources.

Substance Abuse and the Teenage Mind

Adolescence arrives with a surge of energy. It pushes many young people to try new things, make new friends, depend less on parents, and live more passionately. But as an adult, your role is still important. Adolescence is also a ...

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Gut Health Linked to Bipolar Disorder?

I frequently justify my indulgences in food cravings by convincing myself that while ice cream may not be the best choice for my physical health, it is “just the cure” for my bad mood. I then engage in a long ...

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This Is What Teen Depression Looks Like

I want you to picture a person with depression. Are you seeing the dark bedroom, filthy sweatpants, empty eyes, poor health and general lack of prosperity? You know what I see when I picture depression? A blonde, blue-eyed teenage girl. ...

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