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  • Self-Esteem vs. Narcissism

    Self-esteem differs from narcissism in that it represents an attitude built on accomplishments we’ve mastered, values we’ve adhered to, and care we’ve shown toward others.

  • Changing Your Body Image Once and for All

    People’s views of their bodies are not only cruel but inaccurate.

  • Your Child’s Self Esteem Starts With You

    Every reaction we express (consciously and unconsciously) is absorbed by them, helping them shape their view of the world and of themselves. Therefore, really improving our parenting means gaining a better understanding of ourselves.

  • Challenge Your Critical Inner Voice

    We are all aware of those nagging thoughts and doubts that increase our nervousness and interfere with our performance at various times. However, most of us are unaware that these sneering, belittling self-criticisms are only the tip of an iceberg.

Low self-esteem is a problem that plagues almost everyone. Even seemingly confident or narcissistic individuals often struggle with a side of themselves that is self-critical, self-shaming, even self-hating. Every person is divided between a part of themselves that is on their own side and a part of themselves that acts as an internal enemy. This inner coach tends to comment on our every move, keeping us from going after what we want or accomplishing our goals. In this section, you can start to understand how this inner critic is formed and how it influences your life. Learn ways to identify and challenge this inner critic that hurts your self-esteem, so you can live the life you desire.

The Role of the Authentic Self in Trauma-Informed Care

As professional psychotherapists, we offer our authentic self as an ally in a healing relationship.  On the journey of trauma-informed care, the client can witness the therapist’s authentic self at work during a therapy session. But another core concept deserves ...

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Self-Consciousness: How to Reduce Self-Consciousness


The term “self-consciousness” doesn’t sound so bad when broken down. After all, being conscious of oneself is something we all need in order to operate as social beings in a social world. However, self-consciousness often describes an exaggerated focus or ...

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Low Self-Esteem: Healthy Ways to Combat Low Self-Esteem

low self-esteem

What is Low Self-Esteem Low self-esteem is characterized by a lack of confidence and feeling badly about oneself. People with low self-esteem often feel unlovable, awkward, or incompetent. According to researchers Morris Rosenberg and Timothy J. Owens, who wrote Low ...

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Creating a More Positive Identity

The biggest challenge to anyone looking to achieve a personal goal or make a change frequently comes from within. Every one of us is split between our true self, what we seek to be, and a threatening “anti-self” that distorts ...

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How to Be Confident

A Psychological Guide to Building More Self-Confidence Society offers us plenty of advice on how to be confident. “Just be yourself.” “Fake it til you make it.” “Dress for success.” Tips fly at us from every direction, from mothers to ...

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Why We See Ourselves Negatively

Most of us spend a lot of time thinking about ourselves. We question whether we fit with a romantic partner, analyze our interactions at work, and wonder over how we came across at everything from parties to parent-teacher conferences. On ...

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The Many Benefits Of Self-Compassion

Our sense of self is often a divided thing. Most of us have a side in us that is “on our own team.” It encourages and supports us. It helps us fight for what we want and believes in what ...

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Self-Compassion: A Conversation with Dr. Kristin Neff

A Conversation with Dr. Kristin Neff hosted by Dr. Lisa Firestone – Having compassion for oneself is really no different than having compassion for others. Think about what the experience of compassion feels like. First, to have compassion for others you must notice ...

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