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Traumatic events from our past can have a great effect on our present. Trauma can arise from a range of terrible events, from a natural disaster to abusive or destructive dynamics within the home. There are many common emotional and cognitive symptoms of trauma, including intense and sometimes unpredictable feelings such as increased irritability, mood swings, anxiety, nervousness, or depression, difficulty concentrating or making decisions, confusion, or disruption in sleep and eating patterns. Different types of trauma require different types of treatment. Learning to understand and have compassion for yourself is an important step toward recovery. Here you can learn about different types of trauma and how they can be identified, understood and treated.

How to Find Healing in Relationships After Trauma

Do you ever feel like you need a friend’s support? But then stop yourself from reaching out? For all of us, healthy relationships matter. In fact, deep relationships are essential to being a healthy human being. For trauma survivors—or those who ...

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Dealing with Grief

Dear Dr. Nita,  I cannot shake the sadness of losing a cousin and dear friend who went out drinking and after an accident had complications and died at the hospital. We were very close and in my meetings, after the ...

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What You Need to Know About Mental Abuse

We are often so focused on physical and sexual abuse that we forget to consider emotional abuse, which is more difficult to identify when it is happening to our loved ones or to ourselves. Mental abuse can occur in any ...

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How to Break the Cycle of Child Abuse

At this point, I shouldn’t have to list off all the reasons spanking your child doesn’t work. It’s science, it’s proven, and we may as well be revisiting a discussion of whether the world is flat. If the damage it does to ...

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VIDEO: Dr. James Garbarino on Traumatic Memories

Watch an excerpt from PsychAlive’s exclusive interview with Dr. James Garbarino. Dr. James Garbarino explores the idea that traumatic memories do not spontaneously decay. Dr. James Garbarino: I think there are probably many origins on the influence of parents on children.  ...

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