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Toxic Relationships

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  • Toxic Relationships

    Here are some clues to help you find out if you might be in a toxic relationship and some tips on what you can do about if you are.

  • Are You in an Unhealthy Relationship?

    Every couple goes through rough patches. Yet, when these patches stretch out into long-term struggles, how can we tell if the relationship is worth salvaging?

  • How to Fix a Relationship

    It’s possible to drop the baggage you’ve built up along the way and get back to being the two separate people who not only love, but actually like each other.

  • Addicted to Doomed Relationships?

    Given the variety and diversity of people in the world, one is often left to wonder: So why do I keep choosing the same partner?

When dynamics start to shift, and things start to go wrong in a relationship, so many couples find themselves asking: what happened? How did I once again wind up in the same, destructive relationship? Answering this question often means looking inward. By gaining a better understanding of ourselves, why we choose the partners we do and what dynamics from our past are influencing our present choices and behaviors, we can learn healthier ways of selecting and relating to a romantic partner.

Human Rights Violations in Personal Relationships

When protection of the state or political system takes precedence over the individual, the needs of most citizens are not served; instead they generally suffer economically, politically, and personally. Similarly, when the couple or family system takes precedence over its ...

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Who’s the Boss in Your Relationship?

How common power dynamics destroy our closest relationships At a recent dinner party, I witnessed a group of friends teasingly ask one another who was in charge in their relationship. The question was meant to be playfully provocative, with most ...

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5 Simple Steps to End Any Fight

Fighting with a partner is one of those unpleasant parts of a relationship that we wish wouldn’t happen. But what if it was also life-threatening? A Brigham Young University study, tracing couples over two decades, found that more arguments correlated with ...

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Fantasy Bond

Film supplement to the book “The Fantasy Bond”. In this dynamic interview, Dr. Robert W. Firestone discusses his concept of the “Fantasy Bond” and its relationship to the neurotic process with Dr. Richard Sieden, suicidologist, and Barry Langberg, attorney. The ...

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The Fear of Intimacy

Subtitle: An Examination of Withholding Behavior Patterns. A deeply moving program that explores the barriers to intimacy and closeness. In this compelling film, Dr. Robert W. Firestone and participants in a seminar on relationships expose the basis of the fear ...

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Sex and Society

Subtitle: Everyday Abuses to Children’s Emerging Sexuality. Distorted attitudes towards sex and prejudicial views of men and women are often learned in family interactions, explicitly through imitation. These disturbances about sexuality are retained throughout life and cause serious problems in ...

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Exploring Relationships

What are people looking for in a mate? Why are many people deceptive in their closest relationships? Why do they find it so difficult to sustain love and closeness? In this film, the participants, with refreshing candor, discuss topics of ...

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