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Breaking the Habit of Our Unhealthy Stress Cycle

Start Making Sense of Anxiety – See, Sense, Set a New Direction Raise your hand if you have never experienced anxiety. I’ve asked this question to thousands of people around the country when teaching about stress reduction, and not one ...

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It’s Time to Evict the Parents in Your Head

As adults, we are told to respect and appreciate our parents. We’re often reminded to sympathize with their struggles and forgive and forget any pain they caused. If we’re at odds with a parent, we’re encouraged to reconcile and maintain ...

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Aware: The Science and Practice of Presence

Watch Dr. Dan Siegel introduce his new book, Aware, an exploration of a groundbreaking meditation practice and the mind: “Travel Guide to the Mind” In the book, Aware:  The Science and Practice of Presence, you will learn a practical way ...

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The Role of the Authentic Self in Trauma-Informed Care

As professional psychotherapists, we offer our authentic self as an ally in a healing relationship.  On the journey of trauma-informed care, the client can witness the therapist’s authentic self at work during a therapy session. But another core concept deserves ...

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Societal Defenses Against Death Anxiety

Faced with the painful awareness of death’s finality, individuals try to recreate a parent or parents in other people, groups, or institutions, or they search for a personal savior on earth or in the heavens. Just as the imagined merger ...

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A Framework for Cultivating Integration

From The Developing Mind: How Relationships and the Brain Interact to Shape Who We Are, Second Edition. By Daniel J. Siegel. Copyright 2012 by Mind Your Brain, Inc. Published by The Guilford Press. All rights reserved. As we come to ...

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