Angelina Cruz

Angelina Cruz
Angelina Cruz is a student at the University of California, Santa Barbara majoring in psychology. She works in the Vision Lab for the psychological and brain sciences department at UCSB, and volunteers at the Goleta Valley Hospital taking care of the elderly. Her goal is to use her knowledge and skills in psychology to help individuals live a better life mentally and emotionally. Angelina intends to pursue a Ph.D in Neuropsychology.

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The Benefits of the Long-Distance Relationship By: Angelina Cruz

If you are in a long-distance relationship, then you are one of those lucky few to experience an interesting and unique way to love. There are so many negative aspects associated with long-distance relationships today that it is sometimes hard to see the silver-lining around them. Although being separated from your partner can place a physical and emotional limitation on your day-to-day life, there are actually many benefits to this type of relationship. Enjoy!

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