Elizabeth Wyatt

Elizabeth Wyatt
Writer, artist, and educator Elizabeth Wyatt has been teaching writing and literature for ten years, and making art since she can remember. She holds a B.A. in English from Southern Methodist University, and Master of Fine Arts and Master of Arts degrees in poetry and English, respectively, from the University of California at Irvine. She has edited and published various literary stuffs. Elizabeth began practicing yoga in 2003 and teaching in 2012, and continues to explore and experiment with somatic and expressive modalities for healing and creativity. From early childhood, she trained extensively in musical and performing arts; as a distance runner, she has a few marathons, half-marathons, and mountain running events under her belt. She now lives in Joshua Tree, California, where she enjoys rock climbing as an exciting extension of her yoga practice. She offers classes and workshops in Southern California (lilasomatics.com), and blogs at http://elizabeth-wyatt.com/.

Blogs by Elizabeth Wyatt

The Power of Not Knowing

On a beautiful afternoon not long ago, cottony clouds breezed across a clear sky. Desert sand soaked up the sun’s buttery shine. And in the open air between that robin’s-egg-blue heaven and golden earth, I clung to a tiny ledge of rock, not sure how to proceed. My partner–whose job it was to catch me… Read more »

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