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6 Reasons Most People Are Afraid of Love

fear-of-love CE

A CE Webinar with Lisa Firestone, Ph.D. – New studies in neuroscience tell us that it is possible to stay in love for the long haul. Scientists have found that the brain activity of couples who’d been together for 20-plus years and ...

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Narcissism: From Healthy to Pathological

narcissism webinar

A CE Webinar with Lisa Firestone, Ph.D. – How can we distinguish healthy self-confidence from narcissism? Is there an epidemic of narcissism in our society? How can we deal with narcissists in our lives, whether they are our parents, our partners our ...

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No-Drama Discipline

Dan SIEGEl Webinar

A CE Webinar with Dr. Daniel Siegel – This Webinar is based on core concepts from his latest book No-Drama Discipline. It highlights the link between a child’s neurological development and the way parents may react to misbehavior. It will provide both ...

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Suicide: What Therapists Need to Know


A CE Webinar with Lisa Firestone, Ph.D. – The most common psychiatric emergency we face as clinicians is suicide. Seventy-one percent of psychotherapists report at least one client attempting, while 28 percent report having at least one client die by suicide. Suicide ...

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Helping Clients Stop Self-Sabotaging


A CE Webinar with Lisa Firestone, Ph.D. – Every person has a destructive inner voice that often sabotages our goals. This inner critic judges our every action and instructs us on how to live our lives. It encourages us to act in ...

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Overcoming the Fear of Intimacy


A CE Webinar with Lisa Firestone, Ph.D. – What prevents most people from being able to sustain romantic, meaningful relationships that satisfy their needs and desires? Why do people often feel compelled to punish those closest to them? What qualities should a ...

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Changing Attachment Style Through Psychotherapy


A CE Webinar with Lisa Firestone, Ph.D. – Individuals’ attachment styles can heavily influence many aspects of their lives from how they parent to how they love. While attachment style is shaped by early life experiences, it manifests throughout one’s life, impacting ...

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