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6 Reasons Most People Are Afraid of Love



In this Webinar: 

New studies in neuroscience tell us that it is possible to stay in love for the long haul. Scientists have found that the brain activity of couples who’d been together for 20-plus years and still experienced romantic love was similar to people who’d just fallen in love. If true and lasting love is possible than why do so many relationships fall apart? What gets in the way of maintaining the deep attractions and excitement that people feel early on in a romance?

One of the most important answers can be found within. Whether they know it or not, most people are afraid of really being in love. While their fears may manifest themselves in different ways or show themselves at different stages of a relationship, every individual harbors certain defenses that they believe on some level will protect them from getting hurt. These defenses may offer a false illusion of safety or security, but they keep people from attaining the closeness they most desire.

So what drives these fears of intimacy? What keeps people from finding and keeping the love they say they want? This Webinar will explore the six most significant reasons people fear love and how these fears work to sabotage real closeness and lasting intimacy. Both partners contribute to relationship problems, but by discovering and challenging one’s own, subconscious fears, one can create new possibilities for passion, fulfillment and love.

Learning Objectives:

    1. Explain how early childhood traumas interfere with an individual’s ability to maintain intimacy
    2. Describe how a person’s core defenses can sabotage romantic closeness
    3. Apply techniques from Voice Therapy to help challenge clients’ negative thoughts toward themselves and their partners
    4. Describe how the Fantasy Bond can interfere with couple relationships
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About the Presenter

Lisa Firestone, Ph.D. Dr. Lisa Firestone is the Director of Research and Education at The Glendon Association. An accomplished and much requested lecturer, Dr. Firestone speaks at national and international conferences in the areas of couple relations, parenting, and suicide and violence prevention. Dr. Firestone has published numerous professional articles, and most recently was the co-author of Sex and Love in Intimate Relationships (APA Books, 2006), Conquer Your Critical Inner Voice (New Harbinger, 2002), Creating a Life of Meaning and Compassion: The Wisdom of Psychotherapy (APA Books, 2003) and The Self Under Siege (Routledge, 2012). Follow Dr. Firestone on Twitter or Google.

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It is perfectly understandable to me why people are so afraid of being in love. After my divorce 22 years ago, I was alone and didn’t even date anyone. Then, 1 1/2 years ago, I was approached by a woman in a public place. Because I liked her instantly, I responded. A relationship of a few months began … I experienced one of the happiest times in my life … and I am over 60. – Then she started avoiding me, because heavy symptoms of menopause confused her. When I asked her about it and told her that I missed her, she broke up with me, saying that she felt “no chemistry” anymore. I tried to chenge her mind, but she wouldn’t. The last yars since that happened has been devastating for me. I am depressed, I had trouble functioning in my work issues and other areas of life. I am convinced that a loving relationship that doesn’t hold can ruin a person’s life for years.


Armin, I think many of us can relate to your words. I know I can. I was engaged until March 2014. We had been together for 18 months before we became engaged. He lived in another country and we had much stress waiting for immigration to approve his visa. Finally, the stress got to him and he broke up with me. Needless to say, the last 10 months have been a living hell of pain, distrust, and inability to make a new relationship. I’m hoping this seminar will help us both, Armin. God bless you and I hope he gives you the strength to endure.

Jodie Phillips

It is perfectly understandable why people are scared to love but that Is because we are scared of the pain that losing love brings and it Is indeed the most painful journey especially if there are no choices for one of the persons in the relationship….I do also believe that we must not forget that we all have the choice to learn to not allow bad experiences lead the way to negative thinking for our future….its more known than not for a relationship to not last in modern day society because people stop putting in what’s needed to make a relationship stay deep and meaningful and everlasting……and when people have been left with scars from previous relationship breakdown then they are vulnerable and delicate until they overcome these issues….I believe that like anything in life we experience you can learn something good from that weather it be your faults or your gains depending on what the situation is we have to learn to look at things and remember to always check our selfs before we do others…….if someone dosnt want the a&e things as another that’s their prerogative it don’t mean that your not good enough and not worthy of that person love it jut means that you haven’t been what that particular person has been wanting or looking for. Rejection Is not an easy thing for anyone but it is easier when you have faith an believe in yourself because you will be able to see things for what they are not what you believe them to be……it’s a frame of mind like anything in life nothing is too much to overcome when you train your mind to see the positive side in the end.

Jodie Phillips

You can’t change a person but you have the power to change anything about yourself including or thinking and thought process…..emotions are what I believe to be our true selves and we have complete control over them no one else…..loving ones self and knowing ones self worth is the key to overcoming anything negative we experience in our life……including love and all the pain we allow it to bring…..

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