Gaining Awareness Through Loss

One of the saddest things I have read in a long time was this gut-wrenching excerpt in the New York Times (2/23/10) about a Haitian earthquake survivor: “Don’t cut off my leg!” Fabienne Jean screamed repeatedly as she was carried through the gates of the General Hospital here after the earthquake. “I’m a dancer. My… Read more »

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Letting Go of Anger

Anger is a basic human emotion that everyone experiences. Learning to deal with one’s anger is an important lesson, as repressing it can have harmful effects, while unleashing it in an unhealthy manner can hurt you and those you care for. So how do we deal with our anger? What are some healthy forms of… Read more »

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Seeking Connection by Bonnie Badenoch, Ph.D.

Yesterday, as I did some shopping for the holidays, I saw an older couple strolling through Fred Meyer, hand in hand.  When they paused to look at something, their bodies leaned slightly into one another, and the warm energy between them was palpable in the air.  I could feel my body relax and a deep… Read more »

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