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Breaking Free From Bad Relationship Patterns

In this Webinar: Identify patterns of recreating past dynamics in adult romantic relationships Learn how early attachment style influences attractions and behaviors Understand how people may select, distort, and provoke partners to recreate old, familiar feelings Recognize the role childhood ...

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Daring to Love

Watch the one-hour Webinar with Daring to Love author Tamsen Firestone and Dr. Lisa Firestone: When it comes to finding love, are you standing in your own way? We all seem to want our romantic relationships to work, but what if our ...

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Understanding and Overcoming Relationship Anxiety

While the notion of falling in love can sound blissful, interpersonal relationships almost always challenge us in ways we don’t expect. Relationship anxiety can arise at various points in a relationship from the moment we first start dating to when ...

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The Fantasy Bond

Many struggles we face in our current interpersonal relationships arise from a core defense formed in childhood known as the “fantasy bond.” As one of the central concepts of Dr. Robert Firestone, the fantasy bond describes an illusion of connection we ...

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Overcoming the Fear of Intimacy

A CE Webinar with Dr. Lisa Firestone – A 75-year longitudinal study from Harvard recently reported that love and relationships are by far the most important factors to leading a happy and fulfilling life. The study’s lead researcher, Dr. George Vaillant, wrote that ...

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The Power of Forgiveness: A Conversation with Dr. Frederic Luskin

A Conversation with Dr. Frederic Luskin hosted by Dr. Lisa Firestone – The importance of practicing forgiveness has always been extolled in both religious and psychological traditions.  Dr. Luskin’s research has confirmed its virtues in the promotion of psychological, relationship and physical health.  ...

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