Preventing Violence: Exclusive Interviews with Dr. James Gilligan


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In this exclusive video series, Dr. James Gilligan talks about what triggers violent behavior and how to treat violent individuals. See more here

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James-gilligan-dvd-1-Psychological-Factors-in-Violence-207x300In this DVD, Dr. James Gilligan discusses the developmental roots of violence, such as the psychological effects of childhood neglect and dissociation. Drawing upon his wealth of experience working with violent adolescents and adults, Dr. Gilligan addresses implications for treatment and emphasizes the importance of learning from violent individuals, stating, “We need to learn from them what are the causes of violence and what are the interventions that can prevent it.”

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About the Author

James Gilligan, M.D. Dr. James Gilligan, M.D., is a Clinical Professor of Psychiatry in the School of Medicine, Adjunct Professor in the School of Law, and Collegiate Professor in the School of Arts and Science at New York University. He is a former president of the International Association for Forensic Psychotherapy. He is the author of Violence: Reflections on a National Epidemic, Preventing Violence: Prospects for Tomorrow, Why Some Politicians Are More Dangerous Than Others. As a faculty member of the Harvard Medical School for many years, he headed the Institute of Law and Psychiatry, and directed mental health services for the Massachusetts prisons and prison mental hospital. He served as an expert witness in the litigation that was the subject of the Supreme Court decision in Plata V. Brown.

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