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Is Sexual Stereotyping Affecting Your Relationship?

…he felt this observation to be a source of security. Other times, she felt critical toward her husband, perceiving him as cold or uncaring. Then, one day, her husband got sick and needed to be taken care of. In this state, he became more expressive of his emotions. The woman found herself feeling a mixed sense of relief at his openness and anger at his perceived “weakness.” This contradiction of her reactions made her aware of how the stereotype s…

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Angry at Love

…slight resistance to share activities we once both enjoyed, an increase in critical observations, lowered levels of passion, a slow breakdown of respect for each other’s independence and boundaries. When we act out these patterns of anger toward our partner, we are often truly angry at love itself. When our partner looks at us with kind eyes, it may start to get on our nerves. When he or she reaches for our hand, we may be a little more likely to…

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Relationship Issues Students Are Dealing With: Interview with Dr. Daniel Zamir

…the emotions is kind of the thoughts piece that we were talking about with voices. And so people have a lot of self-critical thoughts around relationships — both when they’re in relationships, but especially when relationships end — about, “Was there something I did or could have done? Am I making the right choices? Am I going to be able to find another person who’s going to be attracted to me in that same way?” And so, similarly, I’ll do a lot of…

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