The Problem with Narcissistic Parents

Narcissistic ParentsA study by Stress in America recently revealed that Millennials (ages 18 to 33) report the highest stress levels of any generation. It’s not necessarily wrong to chalk these pressures up to increased competition in college and the workplace, an ailing economy, or a culture geared toward multitasking. But let’s consider something a little more personal that may be at the source of increased stress levels. Let’s talk about something that may hit a little closer to home and, in fact, exist in the home of many children growing up today… the problem of narcissistic parents. These past few years, we’ve targeted helicopter parents and fought the “battle hymn of the tiger mother.” We’ve worried for the televised pageantry of “toddlers” and wondered whether “attachment parenting” was right or wrong. Yet, the problem of narcissistic parents may be at an all-time high. True, it can be a good thing that parents are taking a more active role in their child’s development. Remember the very first scene of “Mad Men,” in which a typical 1960s housewife scolds her child – not for the plastic bag she’s fixed around her head, but for the dry-cleaned dress the bag had contained that must be lying on the floor somewhere? While their parents and grandparents may have suffered through a culture that viewed children as second-class citizens, the kids of today, who are being raised as the focus of their household, are not necessarily better off.

How Narcissistic Parents Live Through Their Children

Parents who seem to be offering their kids something by immersing themselves in their children’s interests, activities, and accomplishments, are often taking more than they are giving. Narcissistic parents feed their own ego through the achievements of their children. Though the process is somewhat unconscious, they seek out ways to live through their child. A recent episode of NBC’s highly popular “Modern Family” illustrated this when housewife, Claire, took her teenage daughter, Alex, to an academic decathlon.  Used to seeing her daughter victorious, Claire made snide comments to fellow parents and made sure to let the judges know whose mom she was. When Alex made a small mistake and was eliminated in round one, Claire made a scene and plotted ways to protest the loss. All the while, she tried to downplay and deny her deep investment in her daughter’s success. When Alex finally got it out of her, Claire confessed, “I like it too much when you win. I really love lording it over the other moms.”  While it’s rare for narcissistic parents to reveal this of themselves, their investment in their child’s success is apparent to most people around them. This attitude is hardly selfless and often has nasty consequences. Another problem with narcissistic parents is that, while they may seem to support their children’s accomplishments, they often feel competitive with their children. They would like their child’s successes to reflect on them and attract attention to them, but at the same time, they do not want to be overshadowed by their kids. In this way, narcissistic parents don’t support a healthy sense of self-esteem in their children. Instead, they draw attention to themselves, using their children in a way that is disregarding and hurtful. The only use these parents have for their child is to reflect favorably upon them. Narcissistic parents often truly suffer from low self-esteem and are living through their children to compensate.

Why Narcissistic Parents Overly Connect to Their Children

narcissism webinarNarcissistic parents want their child’s performance to reflect on them. The reasons for this are complex. Parents may be trying to compensate for what they believe are their own shortcomings. They may rely on their child’s success to bolster themselves up. In doing so, they are failing to see their child as a unique and autonomous individual. They refuse to recognize that their child is separate from them, with their own thoughts, feelings, and desires. A narcissistic parent tends to focus on or almost “feed” on their child’s accomplishments. They often do this, because something is lacking within them. They may try to use their child to fill an emptiness they feel within themselves. Parents with full lives, in which they have many interests, close relationships, and passions, often offer more to their children than those who give up everything to be with their kids. Though they do this in the name of love, they don’t realize that their conception of love is actually skewed. People often confuse love with emotional hunger. Parents who think they are giving their children love by showering them with constant attention are failing to see how much they are pulling on or draining the child. When a person feels a “need” or “longing” for their child, it can be a red flag that they are taking more than they are giving in the relationship. If a parent feels their child is “filling up” a part of them, for example, that they are their sole source of joy, it can be a further warning that they are experiencing emotional hunger toward their child. Love is an offering of encouragement, support, and affection. Emotional hunger provides just the opposite.

The Effects of Growing Up with Narcissistic Parents

The biggest problem with narcissistic parents is that, in trying to build their children up, they are actually neglecting to recognize and support their child’s independent sense of self. Instead, the child feels a heavy amount of pressure from their parents. They may carry fears of falling short and the sense that they will never be good enough. Their insecurities may lead them to become narcissistic themselves, seeking out attention and approval just to prove they are okay. Parents who give up their own lives enter the child’s world instead of inviting the child into theirs. Because, children learn by example, not having a parent who is fulfilled within themselves leaves the child with a sense of having to take care of that parent. They have to make them happy and offer support. This is a huge burden to put on a child, and it hurts them throughout their lives. They may recreate this dynamic in their relationships, looking for someone who inflates their ego or who tears them down in ways that support deepseated attitudes they have toward themselves. They may also seek out people, who, like their parents, use them to feel better about themselves. These dynamics can be harmful to an adult, but they are almost immoral to impose on a child. When we refuse to see our children as separate individuals, we project all of the negative and critical attitudes we have toward ourselves onto them. We may try to overcompensate for our parents’ mistakes, or we may reenact destructive patterns from our own childhoods. In either case, we are missing the mark with our kids. We are misattuned to their unique needs and insensitive to their true wants. By differentiating from our own past, we are better able to see our kids as separate from ourselves. Only then can we offer them real love as opposed to a fantasy of connection. Only then, can we appreciate our children for who they are and support them in reaching their full, unique potential.

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So what do we do about this to stop the destructive narcissitic parenting, if we see this in ourselves (and were raised by a narcissistic parent ourselves)? Help!


I think by being here and reading this is a giant step. My heart breaks reading this whole thing…. This is exactly me :((
I would say, let’s start by keeping this thought alive in our day to day lives.
Let’s reflect at night how our day went.
Keep our mind opened and let’s be willing to change.

If I can’t change, I’ll go seek help by professionals.


Most people say that narcissists are too selfish and egotistical to accept that they are narcissists or that they need help. This is definitely the case with mother and my friend’s mother they refuse to believe that they are wrong or have hurt us in any way and try to turn it around to blame us. This may be the reason why there are limited resources or treatments provided by psychologists. I don’t know where to find resources but this may help with understanding.


Read “Children of The Self Absorbed” by Nina Brown. it offers a lot of intuition and ideas for dealing with narcissism and narcissistic parents.

Shonna b.

Don’t panic, remember.. Love is patient, love is kind, it is gentle, it does not boast, nor does it take pleasure in bad things.. It is not self seeking. It is self sacrificing. _Jesus Christ. My mother is a narcissist, I always felt pain but have never known what real love is without Christ. If you believe in him or not. The quote above is the cure to narcissism. You see, sin is narcissism. It’s just worst because the end is nearing. But, the cure to narcissistic behavior is real love.. What I mentioned above.


It is such a good guide to loving successfully and to realizing how to steer clear of unloving situations. I read this to my children when they were young because of the rampant narcissism in my own family. It is very damaging.

If you feel you are experiencing a tendency toward narcissism……keep researching and looking for help.

No contact with the the narc

Shonna b.
August 29, 2015 at 4:12 am


No religion or God etc, etc can fix a narcissist. There is no cure for narcissism.


I don’t think that is what she is saying. It is never about fixing a narcissist — thry don’t “fix.” Rather, that sentence shows an image of what love is supposed to look like and therefore can help to heal our hearts, not the narcissist.

Both my parents are NPD diagnosed by professionals. Their narcissism temded towards the sociopathic in that they truly seem to enjoy causing pain, especially to me. I am no contact with them for my own safety. I spent years trying to turn their No into Yes. That doesn’t work because it cannot work; it is the definition of an impossible task.

Narcissistic Personality Disorder hurts. Love heals, but it is no magic wand. It takes a lot of work to learn to love both ourselves and others in an appropriate manner — but it is worth it in the end.

All the best to you. I understand how much it hurts.


It’s simply a truly loving comment, though it’s also beware idolatrous. You need sincere monotheism in the Quran. The last holy book for a great reason. And love is not self sacrificing. Love is care giving. Not a hypochristian’s demigod, but sincere monotheism/moral support. Tasbih.


With respect, the Christian God does teach that love is about giving and caring. Sometimes giving is sacrifice- in ways of not being selfish. But that’s not all Christianity is about. In fact it’s been twisted many times by people that we are to be like Jesus in its entirety alas that is impossible. He is an example in many ways but his word is what’s important. We cannot actually BE as Jesus. And it is monotheistic because Jesus while the son of God is also just God. So is the Holt spirit. They are parts of God. The Quran IS actually very similar is my understanding. Though I haven’t read it myself. People close to me have. Christians that day it’s not about evil and blowing yourself up as extremists would have us all think. It’s the same for the Bible and Christianity. Extremists and liars would have people believe something shady. You seem to believe those people, so i just thought I’d share some of my view with you. I hope you can understand and respect that at least both religions come down to being about caring.

Jean Lewis

No contest!This is an incurable Personality Disorder.I was adopted by two Narcs as a baby.Later they had they own Son.A lifetime of control, abuse and lies.Their final
abuse ( they are in their nineties) is to disinherit me completely as I am not 🩸 blood.These people have always been responsible for their conduct and sense of entitlement.They think there is NOTHING wrong with them!!!!

Anne Laughton

A narcissistic mother I know uses her Christianity and prayer as a means of “ magic “ . When it didn’t satisfy her or prayers were not answered she turned to Scientology, fortune tellers, astrologers, and even satanic rituals then comes back around again to the Christianity . She’s looking for a way how to make things happen but she’s too impulsive and reckless to stick with a plan. She’s a restless spirit grabbing at straws. She drops friends , makes new friends only to drop them if they don’t accommodate her . She does it to her own children and now no one wants contact with her. Her kindness is an act and if you are perceptive you know that “rage “ is really her inner core. She is a miserable human who wants you to be miserable with her, although she won’t admit it most of the time. But if you are smart and astute then you’ll leave her in the fate of God and move on . She will blame herself at times but this just causes more self hatred. She is incapable of love . She does not love herself but her arrogance might give you another impression . I personally see them as filled with demons who have a stronghold on them. I feel sorry for them because they are their own worst enemy and incredibly immature and selfish beyond words. Is there anything good about her . Sure, she will have her moments of charm , generosity and fun but it will either make her feel good or be a manipulating factor in getting what she wants … which is control over you.


I have been searching all over for someone to finally admit the connection between the things you mentioned in your comment. What I have found, is that this type of narcissistic parent will use Christianity and “prayers” to oppress and manipulate their children in the form of magic and spoken curses. This type of parent is calculating and boundaryless, abusing the spiritual authority they were given by the Most High. Much prayers should be made for these parents to repent for provoking their children to cause them to err, and for their children to continue to honor them as they have been commanded; and so they won’t fall under the irresponsible curses that pour out of their mouths.


Sadly I don’t believe most narcissists will be able to find Christ. Narcissism is one of the hardest disorders to treat and this includes Jesus imo. Jesus can do anything but you have to be willing to let him in and to be humble on some level. Weren’t narcissists meant to be this way anyhow? And yes the end times are near so perhaps there’s some plan for them then. Which is scary and sad but in the end we all end how we are meant to. Some people just will never get better.


I understand exactly where u are coming from, and I hear what you are saying,, we need to pray on these things and let God in his perfect timing work though us, and show us and teach us! We know what we need to do. It just takes time and practice, we didnt get this way over night, my kids, when they hit about 12, I told them I was sorry 4 the way I was, and, that I was raised to b this way, and I’m working on myself to change my twisted ways, and I say, I didnt mean to put pressure on them, good luck 2 u, God bless!


That’s what narcassist is your narcassist parents expect you to sacrafice yourself to their needs so do narcassists that’s a totally narcassistic statement you made


I started training my children in manners and etiquette, by studying together books like Miss Manners’ Guide to Excruciatingly Correct behavior and guide to Rearing perfect Children we discussed areas where we all needed to work on looking out for others. There is actually a few episodes of the Donna Reed Show where the son comes to the father about his math homework and the father looks at it and tells him to work it out himself. Actually there are some other areas in that show that cover hover parenting. One boy’s father lives throw the son until the boy messes up on a baseball game. When the father gets angry at the boy the boy becomes angry and throws the ball too hard hitting another kid and causing a concussion. The doctor talks to the boy’s father and touches on this as well. Look it up. Old fashioned yes. But in many ways the pediatrician in the show the husband to Donna Reed noticed something alarming about hovering before we noticed it now. Learning to step back and recognizing that if you train them to be as good as their mind, manners, and character and that they can always improve because no one is perfect, there will always be someone smarter, better mannered and have a better character then themselves, but that just means they need to improve themselves. Their grades are not a reflection of the teacher or the parent but the reflection of their own effort. You have to stop thinking about what others think. Simply saying I love you and I know you can figure this out, if you can’t i will be here too, but i can’t always hold the bike for you. In fact my kids never asked me to help them and they all learned to ride their bikes this summer on their own. My oldest moved out and wanted me to be like his friend’s parents. So I decided to call him every morning to make sure he was up for work and was eating a good breakfast i called him several times on his cell when it was his lunch break at work and called him every evening after he came home from work. He decided that was enough and after three days said, “You know mom, I am glad you stepped back to allow me my own life. I love you and I know you love me, thanks for not hovering all my life.” Just say i love you, be there for them when they fail or succeed, but remember they do not live their life for you, they are not your accessories, they are people too.

neha parmar

In order to solve your problem of not wanting your child to turn into a narcissist and in order to help yourself gane love in an appropriate manner you’re going to have to first understand that you weren’t given tools. Understand the expectations placed upon you we’re not only cruel but immensely outrageous. Once you can believe in truth that you should not bear any guilt for your childhood the power within you will set your child free. I literally feel every emotion and feel every longing for an accepting environment. I simply don’t know how to do normal things. Over the years I have gotten judgments that I have taken upon my heart. So how do I control the pain in theory I try to identify it and then proceed further to acknowledge myself as Worthy and not judge my own self or Justify the reason of the pain. For it is real to me therefore it is in my perception to be truth. For your child I hope that in parenting you will give them all the opportunities that I’ve been snatched away from you. That you will show them it doesn’t matter if they become a rockstar or a astronaut. I struggle with my disease of Abandonment constantly. I’ve exhausted scholastic achievements as exhausted God as exhausted everything that I can exhaust in order to cure me. And I’ve done this for the sole purpose of my son. However even in my avoidance of being like my parents in some ways my maladaptive Behavior or causation to change is spurred by hate anger and repulsion not to be them to my child. So my entire therapy and goal rely upon the contingency of my son. However as I learn I will in fact fully in my own way repeat the pattern if I don’t understand my own self worth. Now understand but you weren’t giving tools. Understand the expectations placed upon you were not only rule but immensely outrageous. Once you can believe in true that you should not bear any guilt for your childhood the power within you will set your child free. I literally feel every emotion and feel every longing for an accepting environment. I simply don’t know how to do normal things. Over the years I have gotten judgments that I have taken upon my heart. So how do I control the pain in theory I try to identify it and then proceeded further to acknowledge myself as worthy a not judge my own self or justify the reason of the pain. For it is real to me there for it is in my perception to be truth. For your child I hope that in parenting you will give them all the opportunities then I’ve been smashed away from you. That she will show them it doesn’t matter if they become a rockstar or a astronaut. I struggle with my disease of abandonment constantly. I’ve exhausted scholastic achievements I’ve exhausted God of exhausted everything that I can exhaust in order to cure me. And I’ve done this for the soul purpose of my son. However even in my avoidance of being like my parents and some ways my mail adaptive behavior or cause Asian to change is bird by hate and Grandpa Polson not to be them to my child. So my entire therapy and goal rely upon the contingency of my son. However as I learn I will in fact fully in my own way repeat the pattern if I don’t understand my own self worse. Now self worth is is a hard concept for someone raised by narcissistic parents. My whole life it feels like I have tried to fit in Period not like normal people do but then again the things that have happened to me or novel. For the greater or for the less it doesn’t matter where we draw our conclusion. Simply put it matters or intention of heart. I wish not to harm my child. I wish to forgive the harm that was done on to me. I wish to be proud of my own self and my accomplishments for my own life. For I cannot give to my child anything if I first don’t hold it within me. My son is 3 years old. My husband abandoned me. And my family my mom and dad are extremely unstable people. They cause the environment around me to become very imbalanced in nature. I for myself need to work on the courage of I’m smart. I’m happy. I’m OK with whatever my shortcomings or my game in life happens. The truth is we all die and the truth is we were all born. And the truth is and the consistent truth is but the present is only the tool we have to Enlighten ourselves so as I contradict Myself by writing this as I know that I need to exercise it as well I hope it Sparks some level of Hope in you


Abstaining from reproduction at all is vividly suggested – there are already too many humans on the planet anyway.

The world will be better off without our parents’ genes and memes.

As for us, we’ll never be happy anyway – so, who cares.


Once I would look at a comment like this and be saddened by the idea of not having kids. But today, now, after dealing with how horrid my parents have treated me since I moved out and couldnt be controlled by them any longer, I agree completely.

I wish more than anything that I could move to a different country and adopt, removing myself completely from the influences of my family and still being able to raise children in a loving home. I want more than anything to raise kids in a good environment, but my fear of being exactly like my parents is just as strong as my desire to raise kids.


If you see it in yourself then that’s the key!!! Good job being mindful. You need to tune into yourself (ironically here) and stop- ask why you’re doing it- so you can learn to step OUtSIDE yourself more. This article was irritating because people like helicopter parents aren’t narcissists . If you were actually a full-blown dx narcissist you wouldn’t know it! That’s good news for you. Narcissism is one of the hardest illnesses/disorders to treat because of that. They place blame effortlessly and it’s never *really* them even if for a minute they seem to feel regret. It’s because they didn’t get what they wanted. Anyway-good luck to you!

Jean Lewis

I was adopted as a baby in Ireland.Onlytold this when 62!Narc son of these people is getting all there inheritance and I live in poverty.He also
almost brainwashed them into believing lies about me.Guilty of Government fraud and other crimes.They are now giving away all their belongings and have changed their Will in his favour!Help needed,please.


What do you do if the parent was never diagnosed but you suspect you were raised by a narcissist? When I look back on my childhood all I see is guilt, guilt guilt, from my mother because she was never happy and she continuously blamed me for inconveniencing her life, and still does to this day, yet she tries to be in control of my life by knowing my dr appts and reminding me of things I’m supposed to do all the time. I remember always coming to her and never receiving emotional support. She would roll her eyes at me or say something smart. = (


oh my god were in the same situation..especially reminding what i my supposed to this do that feeling i have no backbone..shouts when something lost of things but later she will find it..even im sleeping he will shout at me,wake me and says find that for her.


That’s a lot like how I was raised. She seemed very loving at times but I think it was always her seeing her own reflection (like the term Narcism is based on actually in Greek mythology…). Most times it was guilt and still is. She seems more incapable of listening than ever as she gets older. She loses work and blames others even though it’s clearly her fault. She thinks she’s better and more deserving than most people. She’s undiagnosed because anytime we went to a therapist she would instantly get defensive if they mentioned she should have therapy. But she is definitely a narcissist. I would suspect the same for your mother. Either way there’s clearly a lot of unhealthy negativity surrounding the memories of your child hood. My condolences. ?


Your article was thought provoking, clarifying. I am the scapegoatish one in what I am beginning to believe is a narcisstic family. My brothers are mostly very successful and very very competitive….as adults we all ignore each other,even in times when “normal” families support each other. Because I struggle with addictions, can’t seem to pick a guy who isn’t abusive/negligent, I am treated like I don’t exist. This is so painful around the holidays. Also makes staying clean difficult, to hear how others’ families start to interract more.,,and so on. I often feel the classic “running on empty” symptom. Well…thank you for you article! I have it bookmarked. Janna


Re: Child of Narcissistic Parent: check out Safe facebook group called Chatty Giraffes
And great book: Will I Ever Be Good Enough
Helpful resources


Hey guys,
I’ve been dealing with/learning about my narcissistic mother the past year. It’s a tough journey but there is a book that sheds light and helps dramatically called Children of the Self Absorbed. Hope this helps


Prince left 2 short comments (late at night) on June 29, 2015
substantiating that he was the scapegoat & target of his narc parents’ MALIGNANT NARCISSISTIC ABUSE. He obviously suffered a lifetime of CPTSD. This would have been the cause for his incurable sadness & blanket distrust & even sexual (so-called) “deviance” . NPD is fuelled by pathological envy. Look on Ollie Mathews’ channel to learn about the dynamics of Malignant Narcissists. Proof of the lifelong pain caused to him are his songs “Motherless Child” (“Why’d you put me on the street? I’m only 12 years old!”) and the song “PAPA” (“Don’t abuse children or else they turn out like me”)


I recently divorced from a narcissist who was raised by a narcissistic mom. The relationship you describe above is exactly what I witnessed and was immersed within for 17 years. I am still having to deal with his lying, stealing and attitude of self entitlement. My biggest issue is my two young children who he uses and manipulates. They live with him one week and me the next. I have started taking Love & Logic Parenting classes and it us helping me a great deal. I am learning to teach them to take responsibility for their decisions and the consequences. It is not easy countering the effects of what they live in his home, where his mother also babysits them. But, I pray and remain steadfast in my effort to raise them in a healthier environment. I trust that they will appreciate and recognize, in time the differences and wisely choose the healthier way. If anyone has any suggestions that may help me in this area I would greatly appreciate your insight.


OMG This sounds like my Ex .. Exactly in my position at the moment .. 17 year relationship she has lied and gotten custody of them .. Unfortunatly the court systyem today protect and believes the mother alot but this is the downfall and ultimatly has put the childern in the hands of the abuser.
I have now been falsly accused of sexually abusing my youngest daughter so access has completluy been stopped ..
What a sad court system we Have..


Mary I also am divorced from a narcissist. I’m the non custodial parent. When I try to show my kids a well balanced full life my ex contasts her devotion and commitment to them with my activities. Long story longer I love this article. It illustrates how my ex is damaging my kids self esteem. Thank God they are such great kids with bright futures but what gets me mad is I’m shunned. They have been taught they’re not a priority in my household. Totally untrue. I can’t seem to reach them. Drives me nuts!

sandi yarnell

here is my question.Can you tell me how much you believe in jesus or the bible before you tell me all of your thoughts. Because I do understand most of what you are saying. But you leave out how I feel about this country . What it is was founded on . If you can at least tell me your back round I would be glad to try
to understand what you are saying. Because I do believe no matterwhat religion you are you have to believe in someone better than your self.Iam interested in your replay. Waiting for replay. thanks sandi


I am an adult child of a “Narcissistic Mother”. Only recently discovered the issue! I feel so VALIDATED! I forwarded several articles to my daughter’s friend who is only 29-30. She is seeing a Therapist – she is amazed at how much this fits her as well! It just sounded like it fit. Once she read about it – she also feels “free”. It’s like I knew something wasn’t right – but I didn’t know what was WRONG! My mother still gaslights, criticizes and insists everything go her way. It is so strange reading how other people know this exists – My Mom says it’s me… of course she does.


I always wondered why my parents were so indifferent. Both my father and mother were so focused on themselves there was little time for their four children.
Just recently I have been researching why my parents were the way they were and as I read more and more about NPD, it sounds like it could be the answer.
The reason I am researching this is because all four of us have had problems with depression and low self-esteem. I’m wondering if my depression is a by-product of my parents lack of interest or concern as we were growing up.
My mother has passed away and my father is 88 years old, so it’s too late to talk to him.
Could someone reply and let me know if the things that happened to us as children can be that our parents had NPD.
1. Both my mother and father were always focused on their needs. Example; if there was no milk in the house, my father would wait until we went to bed, then go out and buy a little pint of milk for himself. It never occurred to him that his children didn’t have milk.
2. My older brother used to abuse me, but when my parents found out, they did nothing. They ignored the neighbors when they spoke to them about it. Neither one of my parents had any look of concern or remorse when they met with the neighbors. They were more embarrassed about being confronted than about what happened.
3. They didn’t help us with homework, come to our open houses at school or graduations.
4. My mother was jealous whenever my grandmother sent me clothes. I would come home from High School and find my mother playing ‘dress-up’ in my room with the new clothes. She said she looked better than I did.
5. At my wedding my parents planned a reception at their home afterwards… they did not invite me, my new husband or his family. My mother wanted the attention to be on herself, not on me and used the occasion to do so.
6. My father constantly talks about himself. He is an engineer and it’s all about how much smarter he is, what he did, how the world, computers, the medical system, EVERYTHING should be designed around what he wants. He is always pissed off and extremely judgmental. Regardless of what I say, the subject returns to him. The conversation is always about him, he has no interest in anyone else.
If he sees someone with a Tattoo he makes a negative comment. If he sees someone with blue hair, he has to ask me what is wrong with the person. It’s like he has no tolerance for anyone or anything but himself.
7. What is so telling is that neither he or my mother have any empathy whatsoever. I have never seen them cry or show concern. When my mother passed away we went to a view and release at the Funeral Home. My father did not warn us. We thought it was a funeral. But instead we were put in small room with my mother naked, under a sheet on a steal table. My father proceeded to talk about how when someone dies their eye sockets fill with blood. He said this is why your mother looks a lot better now. It was horrifying and we were devastated by his lack of empathy and feelings.
8. After we left home my parents never called us. When we all had children, they never asked about or called them either. When we would visit on holidays, the conversation was ALL about them. They rarely asked about us.
9. My father is old now… and still judgmental. So much so, it is difficult to be in public with him. Just recently we went to a Mexican Restaurant for lunch. He complained about the menu… “this should have been done in Excel”!!!… then he says “Oh… that’s right Mexicans don’t know Excel”. My heart broke. I felt horrible for weeks afterwards.
He is just so damn mean that it hurts to be around him.
These are just a few of the examples of my parents behavior. Do you think they may have NPD?
Can you refer me to any info on how my brothers and I can cope with our childhood?

Thank you

Azfar Haider

I have experienced this and a lot more. What I could say is that your parents were very narcissistic and racist but probably not NPD. NPD is a disorder which means the person has disordered thinking and is at the far end of the spectrum. An example of that would be when someone says something logical but is actually covertly designed to abuse you emotionally so they are perceived to be more successful. Like you shouldn’t marry this person because they don’t have our religion whereas the real reason is that they just don’t want to to be happier than they are. Or asking the same stupid questions about your life or job for years to make you distrust your own judgement. Or someone dates you but they start having affairs and have zero remorse and can’t understand why you are upset. Or you partner with someone in business and they string you along for 7 years and you end up getting nothing and they become wealthy. NPD is often associated with sociopathic or psychopathic traits. There are more psychopaths around us than you’d ever imagine. In your case the fact your parents were emotionally distant but didn’t mess with your life and decisions is your Godsend. The fact you got married and have been able to start a life and not become bankrupt or suicidal is the true blessing in your circumstances. I’m sure it hasn’t been nice and you feel like you didn’t have care givers but it could have been a whole lot worse. As a final example it’s usual that NPD (or what’s called a malignant narcissist) causes the child to become a people pleaser. In turn this makes that child very susceptible to being targeted by other malignant narcissists and thereby ruining your life. All in all it sounds like you managed through this and if you were able to start a family and find yourself with a caring person then that’s all you need. It could have been far worse.

London, UK


Wow, very insightful. It’s taken me many years to realize what my father’s problem has been in our relationship and also his relationship with my sister. Reading this has finally confirmed my suspicions. And now that I think about it my dad has never offered me support, or encouragement on his own. He never cheers me up when I’m troubled, and most times can never tell that I’m even troubled by something. He just gets angry at me. And when he does something nice, it’s always something that he likes and thinks I will also like. He also will use me to get what he wants, drugs and is constantly giving advice when he has no idea of a certain topic. And above all, he never really listens to me and my sister.


Your Dad sounds like my Dad.
When I was diagnosed with cancer he had no emotion. His reply was “hopefully it won’t seed to the brain”.


I think this is not the only way for a parent to be narcissitic. There are parents, like mine, who claim the successes of the child as personally theirs, taking credit for them, but disavow any flaws, failings, etc. as the fault of the child. And they only seek to connect with the child insofar as they succeed and approval/love is withheld if they don’t. Of course, the child is not perfect, so ultimately it will always end up being withheld at some point or to some extent.


Having a parent with NPD is really difficult.
Growing up everything was my fault, which took a toll on my self esteem.
I’ve always wanted to talk to my Dad and ask him why he did the things he did. Why he has no empathy or feelings, but after reading several posts, I can see he is incapable of listening.
I wish I knew 55 years ago that all that went wrong wasn’t my fault, it would have changed my life.
At least I know now.


Ohh.. that’s very sad to hear. But, you can look at the brighter side. Now, that you have realized that it was never your fault you can have a peace of mind. AND you won’t be doing it to your kids. Better late realized than never!

Darlene Lancer, LMFT

Excellent article. The lack of attunement and love for we are – not the child our parent envisions – inhibits the development of a whole, individuated self. This is what causes codependency. Narcissistic parents don’t always push their children to achieve. Many narcissistic parents are dismissive, controlling, critical, or wrapped up in their own lives. Their children carry the shame of that parent and endure inner emptiness caused by the lonely, absence of empathic nurturing. They learn to accommodate to feel loved, and as adults, many become emotional caretakers for their partners. Coping with a narcissistic parent can be a lifelong burden. (See “Dealing with a Narcissist”). Codependency can be healed.
Darlene Lancer, LMFT
Author of “Codependency for Dummies,” and “Dealing with a Narcissist”


I’m not sure if this is narcissistic patenting, but something my niece said about my sister makes me wonder. My niece is 28 and lives at home with her parents. Yesterday, my niece said to my sister on social media, “this is how you’ll always know I’m your baby…I get sad and depressed when you [my sister] go to work and leave me behind.” I was astounded. My sister has always been the rescuer and hero (or wanted to be) and then complained about it. She’s not doing anything to push my niece to get a better job or move out and make a life for herself. My sister is “rescuing” again, but complains to me all the time about doing it. I don’t get that. I don’t think you should have it both ways. I’m worried for my niece because she has a child on the way. Will this cycle continue? Is what my sister doing the same as narcisstic parenting? Or, is it that my sister wants to have some sort of “victim status” by creating these situations?

Karen Travis

I’m so blown away after reading all of these comments; I come from a background of physical, mental, emotional, and sexual abuse from a controlling, narcisisstac father, who is one who was mean, dismissive and did not give opportunity for his four children to succeed in life, let alone have one’s own voice. Mom is of course not a protector, but one who suffered as well from a controlling husband and is in deep depression, poor health. They both lie. I’m still controlled to this day. It needs to stop.
With great appreciation, a 54 year old who is still learning.
May we all find relief with this insight.
Thank you.


Thanks for all of these comments. I am separated from my narcissistic husband and am trying to rebuild my life but my kids are now having problems. My son is constantly being excluded from school and some of the things the teachers complain about are worryingly similar to his dad’s. My daughter seems to have problems sustaining friendships. I have tried to love my kids through this but what if I am getting it wrong? How do I know? My sons teachers think I am too soft with him and that he shows me no respect but they don’t know what we’ve been through. Where can we get help?

Lesley try this, she is a wonderful source of information and support. It is a comprehensive site so have a good look around, good luck with this.


How many narcissists does it take to change a light bulb?
(a) Just one — but he has to wait for the whole world to revolve around him.
(b) None at all — he hires menials for work that’s beneath him.

deseprate in PA

what is a father to do when the mother of the child constantly ignores the children and uses them as tools rather than treat them as developing human-beings. She has to win at any cost. her oldest son whom she had with a different father is a problematic child heading to juvenile detention he has been thrown out of 2 daycares and is on the verge of being tossed out of a third one. She refuses to follow-through with counseling stating he was evaluated nothing more needs to be done (diagnosed with disruptive behavior disorder). The daycare finally had her sign a waiver so that they could get TSS implemented since she never follows through with papers needed to get him enrolled. Since he is not my biological child my hands are legally tied from obtaining the help he so desperately needs. When we met she said she was on birth control. Yet she stopped taking them and didn’t tell me she had, so now we have a daughter together and it is a nightmare I didn’t know what type of person I was dealing with until I typed a few keys words into google and now I see more clearly the nightmare that I have stepped into f anyone can direct me to help I would appreciate it I have gone for custody yet this county won’t grant me primary physical for any reason. I had children and youth involved as she never watches the children and her son was running around with 9 and 8-inch knives for over 10 minutes.. child endangerment. just spoke with them yesterday they are closing the case as no one got hurt but there is an infant in the home and I asked my mother to come stay with us while we await TSS for the 4-year-old. This is a nightmare and she has to have everything her way or she throws a tantrum or takes off with the children. She constantly is trying to turn it into a personal war with my mother, but this is clearly all about the children not about the two of them. How to get a handle on this before harm befalls my daughter or even her son. He has been very lucky so far.

Trying to learn

I would like to make a request that either people refrain from using abreviations in their remarks or else explain what all the letters mean to those of us who are not fluent in the jargon around this topic. For example, I do not know: NPD, CPTSD, MGTOW.
I think NPD may be narcissistic personality disorder? The other two I cannot figure out.

Thanks to all.


Hey all so i hope you are doing well. I apologize i am really really shy! It may have to do with low self esteem kr just being spiritually evolving haha. Anyway…i had a huge break through…i had severe depression for 2 to 3 years …this happened when i was soooo damaged by my narcissistic boyfriend that i wanted to die lol. Now i am living at home and noticing that my mother is extremely narcissistic and my dads the enabler. I honestly find it hard to get a job because 1 im insecure and 2 im pissed at my dad for not protecting us over the years so i dont bowwow any money from him. Also im struggling to simlly heal and move forward. I think ive successfully blocked my mother out of my life. And if i do ever move out i wont tell her where im going.


So I saw a lot of good info in this article but there’s a lot of misleading stuff too. The helicopter parenting to me means actually giving a damn about your kids. At least when they are too young. Narcissism wouldn’t entail caring enough to pay attention. Lol And people can be called helicopter parents even if they give their kids more privacy than real narcissists do.

I grew up with a narcissist parent and it’s taken a lot of therapy and time to realize I’m not a piece of dirt that should always be making others happy. That’s the typical response to being raised by narcissists if you are able to look at yourself. (Ironically). Would be always people pleasing to a fault and feeling guilty when you do something for yourself that isn’t pleasing at least two other people! And of course always listening to your mothers “holy” advice even into adult hood. That what I see it as being raised by a narcissist. Takes away your confidence and you don’t know who to trust because you never had solid footing growing up. It was whatever way the wind was blowing for your parent. No stability.

Many people becoming/ new parents now are being heckled for caring about their offspring because the other parents are lazy and/or narcissistic and think it’s crazy parents who pay attention don’t think the world should revolve around them.

Being a parent is one of the most important roles a person can take on because you’re guiding a human into the world- for better or worse. So yeah if your world revolves around your kid a little that’s healthy. It’s not healthy when your doing so is also controlling them into being you and not themselves. That’s the difference. Raising them to be strong, healthy and capable individuals VS shaping them into a personal living trophy.


There’s also a universe of difference between a parent’s life being actually devoted to their child or caring for their child and everyone including the child (especially the child) being convinced the parent has selflessly devoted their life to that child. Covert narcissistic martyr-complex mothers like mine make that abundantly clear, if only to me.


This is one of the best articles i have read on narcissistic parents. It worries me that so many children on u tube are been made pioners of their own u tube channel at such a young age. Is this really ok. Im not sure whether the success is about the children being free to choose themselves or the parents using them as keys to their own success. Its nice to see the children getting some comforts out of this but at what point does it become limited. I can understand a little self indulgent but some of these kids are worth millions at the age of four and five really? I think the parents are living off the children to the point where it has become a form of narcissim and im not sure how healthy that is. What do you think?


I’m positive my dad and mom are narcissists. I have the self complex to prove it. No way does me raising my son the opposite that I was (not really raised, more like watered). My dad made fun of me to make himself look better to others. My mom criticized everything I attempted to take an interest in because it would have cost money that she prefered spending on herself. No dance lessons, Gina, I can’t afford them and plus you’re not very coordinated anyway. Making me as a child hold them while they sobbed after fighting with each other or later others telling me sometimes it seemed like I was the parent. My parents were and are spoiled selfish boomers who probably wouldn’t have even had me if Roe v. Wade had happened earlier. I knew not what to do to my son. I was proud of him bragged about him being in the army enjoyed posting his pictures on my facebook wall for others to see. That might not be wrong somehow but it’s not narsistic. My goal was to build him up not tear him down like my parents set out to do to me.


My brother is a narcissist and my mother is his enabler. I left home years ago but now my parents are ageing and need my help. I have no idea how to provide for them while avoiding my toxic brother. I’m stuck. If I leave them, I will break their hearts and mind, but if I stay I’m afraid of what my brother may do to me. His abuse is all emotional and the last time he laid into me, I almost committed suicide. The worst thing is, in front of other people he plays the good son while making me out to be crazy and unstable, but behind closed doors, he becomes a selfish, entitled, irresponsible, angry brat. My parents don’t know what to do anymore, he’s getting to middle age and refuses to move out, and they won’t entertain the idea of forcing him out either. I feel sorry for my parents, they haven’t been well, but I badly want to be free of this toxic situation forever. He will never change and they will always cover for him.


Lots of this article is incorrect, and the writers need to educate themselves further on the subject. There is something called “ignoring narcissistic” parents. These parents are as self-absorbed and narcissistic as the engulfing types, but express it differently. What they have in common is that they do not think of their children, including adult children, as someone they relate to as individuals outside themselves.

Sherrell Hunter

I came to this site because for 36yrs my father discourages and is constantly negative to everything I do, from graduation to marriage, to my 1st time being pregnant.
My husband had to reassure that nothing is wrong with me.
All this being said my father being a Narcissist ruined my self esteem, and more. I’m now in the present learning to stay away for peace and happiness.

Jeremy Thompson

My mom is still talking to me and I would like her to stop talking to me right now and to stop coming in my room and stop talking bug nonsense keep saying about bugs that don’t exist.

Jeremy Thompson

My mom is still talking to me and I would like her not to be anymore and to stay out of my room. And she’s still going on about bugs that don’t exist.


This article is possibly the least relatable one that I’ve read on narcissistic parents – very poor form.

There’s literally NOTHING mentioned on narcissistic rage, competing with the child, gaslighting, etc.

The other commenters have mentioned all of these things in their comments, but do not seem to have noticed that these things are missing from the article itself.

Jeremy Thompson

My mom again was talking to me right now I would like her no longer talking to me and stay out of my room and still going on about bugs that don’t even exist I would like her to quit with that nonsense right now nonsense about the bugs that don’t even exist.

Jeremy Thompson

My mom was talking to me again right now stop talking to me stay out of my room and still saying about bugs that don’t exist right now stop talking about bugs that don’t exist.

Chris Teen

Did you try asking her to please get out of your room? If she’s talking about bugs that dont exist she might be having a medical or psychological emergency, maybe you should call emergency services to have them make sure she is ok?


I expected the article to have more on the scapegoat, enabler, golden child, flying monkeys, gaslighting, narcissistic rage, etc. Maybe these sound like weird jargon and, at first, I thought so, too. But once I learned about them, I realized that, yes, we do need some new vocabulary for this!
For a long time, we’ve been taught that “all parents love their children,” so new words are needed to describe this horrific emotional abuse.
A child of a narcissistic parent, especially the scapegoat, is the main target of the parent’s:
– Sudden, out-of-control tantrums, for potentially any comment or action, even trivial ones
– Complete disregard for individual expression, thoughts, or boundaries. The parent wants total control over these.
– Subtle, covert, sabotage of potentially any worthwhile or creative goal or project the child tries to pursue.
– many other emotional abuses and mind games, too many to list.
In public, this parent can be extremely crafty and quick, delivering meticulous on-the-spot performances designed to confuse and manipulate spectators, and to ensure the NO ONE (not even the child) recognizes what they are trying to do.
And what’s that? To appear as the “best parent ever.” That way, if the child ever dares to “talk,” no one will believe the child.
This parent doesn’t want to change, and they’ll never sincerely apologize. After all, in their minds, if there’s anything wrong, it’s with the “ungrateful” (or “selfish” or whatever) child.
The best way to heal oneself is to go No Contact.
(I love the comment someone posted in January 2021, that the narcissist is a “miserable human and she wants you to be miserable with her…the smart and astute will leave her…”)

Jeremy Thompson

My mom came in my room again I would like my mom to be staying out of my room and stop talking to me and stop with this ridiculous bug nonsense saying there’s bugs there is no bugs.

Chacha Rose

We need to discuss ignoring narcissistic parents as well. We looked like we had it all so when the children failed in my family it was because we were defiant brats who were hurting mother.


If you’ve read these articles and feel like someone is describing your entire life then your most likely dealing with a Narcissist. Those who don’t understand probably stopped reading this long ago. They are the same people that don’t understand you when you try to explain it to them

holy watering individual

Waiting for my mother to have good time keeping
Is a big challenge.
Not being able to go to the library without getting a phone call after 2 hours. It is hard enough holding down a job with that self esteem. Let alone, lift up my emotionally hungry parents who I won’t lift a finger for.
Once I’m at my new job I will not take phone calls from my mother unless it is to pay the household bills for what my name is on.
I relialised I’m not at fault and have nothing to feel guilty of.


My parents ignored me, and my plight in life. Were it not for my Aunt Ruth, I would have been a great failure. My parents just did not give a d*mn about what happened to any of us. Most of us are dead, now, except for my narcissistic sister and my frequently-hospitalized brother.


This article is all wrong.

Living through your children is not narcissistic parenting in its entirety – it is just one part of one style of narcissistic parenting.

My mother would only be interested in my greatest hits but also actively sabotaged my ability to achieve by constant criticisms, withholding information, gaslighting – destroying any shred of self-confidence that I had..

You need to update the article.

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