Why Layoffs Lead to New Lows in Self-Esteem

It wasn’t easy for Sara, a 28-year-old sales manager, to choose to leave her well-paying job at a telecommunications company to work for a friend’s business hot to recruit her. Yet with promises of equal pay, better hours and increased time off, Sara followed her heart and took the job, only to be let go… Read more »

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"Get by With a Little Help from Your Friends"

It seems everyone, from financial experts to real estate agents, has offered practical advice on how to survive the recent economic downturn. But what about psychological advice? Even as the economy takes a turn for the better, there are few answers on how to cope with the fear and frustration that many of us are… Read more »

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Coping with the Economic Crisis: Story from a PsychAlive Member

A time of practical struggle can be a time of personal gain. One PsychAlive member shares her story. When I was a little girl, I traveled to Mexico with my family. We weren’t especially wealthy, but were very lucky in that we were able to afford a yearly winter vacation taking our family’s sailboat south… Read more »

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