Quiz: How Good Are You at Communicating?

communicateHave you ever reached that point in a conversation when neither you nor the person with whom you are communicating can get anything across to each other? Or, have you ever found yourself face-to-face with someone (a co-worker, friend or romantic partner) as he/she throws his/her hands in the air and shouts, “It’s impossible to talk to you!” In any of these scenarios, how often have you thought, “Wow, this person is not making any sense whatsoever?” If you’re anything like anyone who’s ever been in an argument, your tendency is probably more likely to question the logic and communication skills of someone else before you wonder how effective you yourself are in getting your point across. But how good are you at communicating? Do you express yourself in manner that those around you can easily understand? Take this test to find out just how good you are at expressing your point of view in every area of your life. Click here to begin

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