Just Live: How Choices Lead to Living Well

choices lead to living wellBy searching deep inside ourselves we can reveal that our lives are filled with so many tiny seemingly insignificant little choices.

Choices that can change the course of our destiny.

For example, say you are walking down a particular street or road and, instead of moving straight in that same direction, you make the next immediate right, putting yourself off your normal path to work or an upcoming meeting. And that little diversion allows your destiny to take hold–because it was due to that one right turn, that you run into an old colleague or friend, loved one or business associate. One whom you might not have spoken to in over 3 or 4 years. It is on this different path that you exchange pleasantries and upon parting ways, you exchange your new (to each other) business cards or personal information. Then one of you says, “Let’s grab lunch or coffee soon.” Without knowing it, right then and there, you may have just altered the course of your life, maybe forever.

I know because something similar happened to me. And things like this have happened all throughout my life, always changing it.

Years ago, I handed my very first poorly-made business card (the business card I made on my 90’s green IMAC and cut out sloppily myself) to a complete stranger who was also my brother’s high school principal. Two years after that day, I got a call from this acquaintance offering me a tremendous opportunity at the school he ran. Because I’d handed that old business card to the principal two years past, I was asked to do a job–it was one of those jobs you dream about getting. And it would be a job that would change my life.

I found my purpose; I knew that I had to dedicate myself to this new journey. In it, I thrived!

Every day I worked was a gorgeous day, whether there was fog, rain, hail, or sunshine, I woke up energized, happy, and exuberant. With this turn around in my life, I found hope again. I found my step and plan to only move forward from there.

I don’t mean to say that employment will solve all of your emotional, physical and mental problems. Instead, it’s those small, medium and large moves, turns, paths and which transportation route you decide to take. Every time you move in any direction, what job you do or decide to leave later, and who you end up running into “accidentally” can change the course of your destiny.

My recommendation through all of these changes is to be self-aware enough to take the path which leads you to not just living but living well.


About the Author

Kevin Hines Kevin Hines is a speaker, author and advocate for mental and behavioral health. He is one of 33 Golden Gate Bridge jump survivors. He is the sole survivor actively spreading the message of living mentally well and the prevention of suicide. Kevin has spoken to over three hundred thousand people about his firsthand experience with suicidal thoughts and his eventual attempted suicide. Kevin has been featured in the critically acclaimed film “The Bridge,” by innovative film maker Eric Steel, on Larry King Live with Mr. King, 20/20, Anderson Cooper 360 with Sanjay Gupta, Good Morning America with Charlie Rose, and Irelands famed Tonight with Vincent Brown. He has also written several articles about the prevention of suicide and mental health in America and recently published the memoir Cracked…Not Broken, Surviving & Thriving After a Suicide Attempt.

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