How Can You Tell if Your Child or Teen is Depressed?

child teen depression

Having a child who is hurting or depressed is one of the toughest struggles a parent can face. Overlooking our kids’ mood swings or listening to the advice “It’s just a phase” are never the right reactions to warning signs of depression. Instead,  we must learn how to recognize these signs and understand how to talk to our children about their struggles.

As parents, we must show our children that we care about what they are going through, and we must be able to hear whatever they have to say, even if what they have to say is that they’ve been hurt by us. Taking a defensive approach or throwing our hands in the air sends the message that we don’t care enough to face our children’s  pain or to help them find whatever help or support they need.

If you are concerned that your child might be depressed and want to learn what to look for Click Here

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