The Critical Inner Voice – Whiteboard Animation

Watch this short whiteboard animation to understand the Critical Inner Voice. Discover where the inner critic comes from and how to overcome self-attacks.

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mandlakayise Timothy

recently I was attacked by thugs, my in laws came to see support us, but my parents never showed up.

This is hurting me. Why do they do this to me but, give 100% support to my siblings?

A Herringshaw

No offence but your parents are ignorant. Don’t hate them for it. Try educating them by telling them how hurt you are. They may learn something and try to change or they may learn nothing in which case accept they are not capable of being educated. A good way of educating people is by role modelling. Show support for your parents and they may want to reciprocate. You may find answers in finding ing out about how their parents treated them when they were children. I’m sorry you got hurt the silver lining is, your here to tell the tale.

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