The Self Under Siege

Becoming the Real You: A Video Presentation with Dr. Lisa Firestone

  Watch Dr. Lisa Firestone, co-author of The Self Under Siege: A Therapeutic Model for Differentiation,  explain the role of differentiation in becoming who you really want to be and living the life you want to lead. Learn more about the book, The Self Under Siege

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Identity, Sexuality, and Society’s Assault on the Self: A Commentary on John Irving’s Novel, In One Person

John Irving’s latest novel, In One Person, is a timely statement about men and women, the nature of sexuality, and society’s assault on the self. Although a work of fiction, the book faithfully reports the real-life struggles of certain people to become who they were destined to be; people different from the rest of us,… Read more »

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Breaking the Fantasy Bond with Our Mothers

The other day, I was reminded of reading Nancy Friday’s book, My Mother/My Self many years ago; so I took Friday’s book down from a shelf in my office and opened it, quite by chance, to page 388, where I found this heavily underlined quote: “As we get older and the tie to mother is… Read more »

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