How Your Personality Type Molds Your Parenting Style

Parenting can be the most difficult job in the world. Not only is every decision you make on behalf of that other person going to shape who they become, but it’s the only job where being filled with doubt is normal. If your mechanic approached you and said he fixed your brakes and he just… Read more »

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Are You a Narcissist?: InfoGraphic

Ever wonder if you or someone in your life is a diagnosable narcissist? Well, try answering these questions to find out. Do they have an exaggerated sense of self-importance? Do they expect recognition or praise even when they haven’t earned it? Do they exaggerate their accomplishments? Do they have a sense of entitlement? Expect special… Read more »

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Taking Advantage of Summertime to Get to Know Your Child

Summer’s finally here, and while that may not mean a lot to the majority of the working population, children everywhere are rejoicing in the newfound (however temporary) freedom of their three-month vacation from school, homework, and all things academic. While you probably aren’t afforded the same release from work, as a parent, summer is the… Read more »

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