pandemic anxiety

The Second Wave: The Emotional Impact of the Prolonged Pandemic

Everyone is struggling to cope during these unprecedented times. The second spike that was predicted for winter has already begun. We have no idea if and when a vaccine will be developed and then distributed. We are basically in the same alarming situation we were in when Covid first appeared in March and our future… Read more »

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“Control What You Can:” Breaking Down This Not-so-easy Action Into 5 Manageable Steps

Terrified, exhausted, super scared, fearful, bracing, holding, preparing, anxious, fatigued, dreading, panicked, hopeful, fierce, steady. These are the words that people have used to describe their visceral feelings in this moment. ‘Control what you can’ is a prescriptive offered by many helping professionals to take the focus away from what is outside of our power and… Read more »

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