new beginning

Mental Health Making a Lasting Impact in the New Decade

With the first few weeks of the new decade already underway, lawmakers across the nation have been urging for change in an area that historically has been overlooked: mental health.  Efforts both big and small have already been put into action, fostering a hope that with the turning of the new year, a larger importance… Read more »

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A New Year’s Resolution Worth Making

Setting goals for ourselves is an essential step to a fulfilling life. Yet, New Year’s resolutions tend to have a bad rep. Why is this? For one thing, they have a sort of ceremonious way of setting us up for failure. The build-up to another year and a fresh start gives us new hope for… Read more »

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How to Begin Again: From Wounds to Wisdom

We love the New Year because it gives a clean slate on which we can rewrite our future, if not our past. Our commitment to resolutions for change is often lofty, and filled with unreasonable expectations, and we have little understanding for our defeat when we fall off our new vision for ourselves. We often… Read more »

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