What Does It Mean to Be Feminine or Masculine?

I have received some interesting questions on Daring2Love Instagram about masculine and feminine identity. A typical one asks, “How can I be more feminine in a relationship? How can I attract a masculine man to a relationship?” I do not know where the people who are asking these questions live. Clearly, there are very different attitudes about gender identity… Read more »

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VIDEO: Dr. James Garbarino Talks About Gender Stereotyping, Aggression and Cyber Bullying

Watch an exerpt from PsychAlive’s exclusive interview with Dr. James Garbarino. Dr. James Garbarino on traditional gender stereotypes. Dr. James Garbarino: Some of this is sort of very traditional gender stereotyping sort of stuff.  For example, an awful lot of male self-esteem is built on what you might call almost objective behavior.  You may think… Read more »

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VIDEO: Dr. Donald Meichenbaum on Gender-Sensitive Violence Prevention

Dr. Meichenbaum on gender roles in violence Order the Full DVD Interview: A Cognitive-Behavioral Approach on Aggression In this DVD, Dr. Donald Meichenbaum discusses violence and aggression, from origin to treatment. Dr. Meichenbaum draws upon his wealth of experience to articulate both how violent individuals are created and the thoughts that drive violent behavior. Dr…. Read more »

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