body balance

New Benefits of Mind-body Interventions

As someone whose worries frequently play at full volume, I’m always looking for effective ways to quiet my mind. Too often, slowing down when my thoughts are racing feels like something easier said than done. One thing that helps me is taking yoga. I’m always surprised by the way I can enter a studio tense and… Read more »

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What Is Good Self-Care, and Why You Deserve It

All my life I’ve been living in the fast lane Can’t slow down, I’m a rolling freight train One more time, gotta start all over Can’t slow down I’m a lone red rover Oh how did it come to this?         ~Lyrics from “Polaroid” by Imagine Dragons From an early age many… Read more »

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Why Sleep is So Necessary and in Such Short Supply

Lack of sleep can lead to Anxiety, Depression, Decreased Immune Function, Weight Gain, Heart Disease, Diabetes, and Cancer. We are a deeply sleep deprived society relying more and more on pharmaceuticals to correct this dysfunction. Myths and Beliefs about Sleep to Mention and Clarify: That we don’t need that much sleep as we get older… Read more »

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