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Do You Overeat When Feeling Down? Try this…

Most of us have found ourselves eating to soothe a negative mood. Although it can work temporarily, hopefully it is not your go-to or only strategy to make yourself feel better. You’re better off if you can rely on it as one of many ways of coping with feeling down. Some alternative possibilities for navigating unpleasant… Read more »

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Seeking Sanity During National Eating Disorders Week

Would you rather be sane and satiated or dieting and deprived? The answer seems obvious, but we live in an age of extreme diets and fake foods. We watch television shows called The Biggest Loser and Extreme Makeover Weight Loss—along with commercials for gooey pizza, hot cheese stretched lavishly to the limits of our food cue… Read more »

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What’s Behind Emotional Overeating?

Last month, Michelle Obama made a special guest appearance on the long-running hit TV show, The Biggest Loser. I’d heard about the show’s premise: contestants who struggle with obesity and often face serious health risks relocate to a fitness ranch, where together they learn about nutrition, diet, and exercise, while competing to lose weight. But… Read more »

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