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5 Excuses to Stop Making About Sex

Our sexuality is an important part of our identity. Feeling acknowledged as a sexual person contributes significantly to our sense of well-being. Although actual sex makes up a small amount of our time in a relationship, if the sexual contact between partners is absent or unsatisfying, it has a major impact on how we feel… Read more »

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What Gets in the Way of You Having an Orgasm?

What’s wrong with you? Other women have orgasms. Maybe you were just made defective. What are you—an animal? Only bad girls like sex. Who are you to enjoy sex? Be careful, hold back; if you really let go you might break down and fall apart. You will have no control over yourself. Don’t show him how… Read more »

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How to Bring "Vacation Sex" Home With You

Why is “vacation sex” hotter and more exciting than what most couples experience in their bedrooms at home? And more importantly, why can’t they have that kind of sex in their everyday lives? One of the answers often given is that people are more relaxed on vacation; they’ve left work and responsibilities behind. They have… Read more »

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