Dr. Video: Dr. John Norcross on training options for interpretive psychotherapy

Dr. John Norcross on training options for interpretive psychotherapy

LF: Where can interns find training in interpretive psychotherapy?

JN: Oh, lots of places these days. It’s integration or the older term, eclecticism, remains the modal theoretical orientation of psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors and social workers.  So, in virtually all graduate programs, anywhere between a quarter and a third of the faculty will say, “I’m integrative and eclectic.”  Now, the danger in that is they tend to be syncretic, that is, by the seats of the pants rather than systematic-evidence based.  For that more research-informed integration, then one can certainly reach out to any of the treatment adaptations and the pioneers who write in our Psychotherapy-Relationships that Work book, there are an increasing number of integrative institutes around the world.

But the truth is, integration has not branded itself in the way that some of the other dominant systems of psychotherapy have.  That’s just part of the socio-economic fabric of the Western world, particularly the United States.  In integration, we don’t want another brand name.  We prefer an integrative process. So, JN starting, you know, the Norcross Integrative Therapy Center, it’s tempting at times.  But the truth is, then people would be following me, rather than themselves. So, while we may not be as public and there may not be as many formal training institutes, we prefer people to find the process by themselves.  And there’s a lot written on it to help guide people through the maze to find their own integration that fits with themselves, but that’s also guided by the best evidence we have.


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John C. Norcross, PH.D. John C. Norcross, PhD, ABPP, is a clinical psychologist, a Distinguished Professor of Psychology at the University of Scranton, and Adjunct Professor of Psychiatry at SUNY Upstate Medical University.  He specializes in the areas of  psychotherapy, clinical training, and self-change. Dr. Norcross is the acclaimed author of the self-help book Changeology, as well as hundreds of professional journal publications and books. He is past-president of the American Psychological Association's Division of Psychotherapy and the Division of Clinical Psychology. He has served as an APA council representative and as a director of the National Register of Health Service Psychologists. Learn more about Dr. John C. Norcross' work at the Changeology website.

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