Ronee Smith Griffith, Ph.D.

Ronee Smith Griffith, Ph.D. is an ethicist and licensed psychologist. She is the Founder of The Relational Ethics Institute (1988) and has taught professional ethics education for over twenty years.  She has served on the Ethics Education Task Force of the American Psychological Association and collaborated with the Ethics Co-Chairs of the Canadian Psychological Association. In addition to professional organizations, she frequently speaks to churches, schools, universities, civic groups, and social service agencies. In her psychotherapy practice in Atlanta, Georgia, she specializes with adults and couples.

Blogs by Ronee Smith Griffith, Ph.D.

Re-Moralizing Your Inner Voice Part Two

I began this blog in response to the invitation to contribute to the good works created by The Glendon Association.  Having known this group for over twenty years, they continue to be a model resource for mental health professionals and all persons seeking healing, personal growth, and healthier relationships with oneself and others. By way… Read more »

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Re-Moralizing Your Inner Voice Part One

In conjunction with The Glendon Association’s webinar, Conquer Your Critical Inner Voice, by Dr. Lisa Firestone, I hope to add some complimentary thoughts on the subject of self-attacking inner voices that diminish well-being, steal joy and shame natural enthusiasm. As children, most of us learned some version of the Golden Rule:  treat others as you… Read more »

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