Leslie Greenberg, Ph.D.

Leslie Greenberg, Ph.D.
Dr. Leslie Greenberg is a co-founder of emotion-focused therapy (EFT), He is also the director for the Emotion-Focused Therapy Clinic housed at York University. Greenberg is a founding member of the Society of the Exploration of Psychotherapy Integration (SEPI) and the Society for Constructivism in Psychotherapy (SCP). He is the author of several books, including Emotion-Focused Couples Therapy: The Dynamics of Emotion, Love and Power and Emotion-Focused Therapy for Depression and Emotion Focused Therapy. Theory and Practice

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Experts at Home – Dr. Les Greenberg on the Power of Understanding Our Emotions

In this Experts at Home conversation, Dr. Les Greenberg and Dr. Lisa Firestone talk about the value of understanding our emotions, especially during challenging times. Watch Now: Subscribe to PsychAlive (it’s free!) to see more Experts at Home.  

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