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Critical Inner Voice and Intimacy

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In your romantic relationship, do you ever wonder where those critical thoughts toward yourself or your partner come from? How much do these thoughts represent your real point of view and how much do they reflect negative attitudes from your past? We all carry with us destructive habits, attitudes, and behaviors that distance us from the ones we love. By identifying and differentiating from this hurtful inner critic, you can expand your tolerance for love and sustain a meaningful relationship. You can challenge core defenses and become who you want to be.

How to Improve Your Relationship


A Webinar with Dr. Lisa Firestone – What prevents most people from being able to sustain romantic, meaningful relationships that satisfy their needs and desires? Why do people often feel compelled to punish those closest to them? What qualities should a person ...

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Fantasy Bond


Film supplement to the book “The Fantasy Bond”. In this dynamic interview, Dr. Robert W. Firestone discusses his concept of the “Fantasy Bond” and its relationship to the neurotic process with Dr. Richard Sieden, suicidologist, and Barry Langberg, attorney. The ...

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The Fear of Intimacy


Subtitle: An Examination of Withholding Behavior Patterns. A deeply moving program that explores the barriers to intimacy and closeness. In this compelling film, Dr. Robert W. Firestone and participants in a seminar on relationships expose the basis of the fear ...

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Sex and Society


Subtitle: Everyday Abuses to Children’s Emerging Sexuality. Distorted attitudes towards sex and prejudicial views of men and women are often learned in family interactions, explicitly through imitation. These disturbances about sexuality are retained throughout life and cause serious problems in ...

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Exploring Relationships


What are people looking for in a mate? Why are many people deceptive in their closest relationships? Why do they find it so difficult to sustain love and closeness? In this film, the participants, with refreshing candor, discuss topics of ...

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Closeness Without Bonds


A moving story of men and women struggling to recapture the essence of their closest, most intimate relationships, set against the background of skillful psychotherapeutic intervention. Dr. Robert W. Firestone explains and illustrates his concept of the “Fantasy Bond,” an ...

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Conquer Your Critical Inner Voice

Conquer Your Critical Inner Voice

by Robert W. Firestone, Ph.D., Lisa Firestone, Ph.D. Joyce Catlett, M.A. Conquer Your Critical Inner Voice: A Revolutionary Program to Counter Negative Thoughts and Live Free From Imagined Limitations  offers means for dealing effectively with negative thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs ...

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Sex and Love in Intimate Relationships

Sex Love

by Robert W. Firestone, Ph.D. Lisa A. Firestone, Ph.D. Joyce Catlett, M.A. Sex and Love in Intimate Relationships proposes that sexual problems are largely related to defenses acquired through painful childhood experiences, and that individuals can be helped to overcome these ...

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