VIDEO: The Everyday Cultivation of Mindfulness

In her interview with PsychAlive Senior Editor Lisa Firestone, Dr. Donna Rockwell talks about the everyday cultivation of mindfulness.

But, you see, the thing I also think is true is that we don’t even – yes, it’s great to have a formal meditation practice.  But, what I’ve discovered is that we can practice little mindfulness exercises all through the day.  So we can awaken, we can become enlightened all day long.  We don’t have to wait until we get to the meditation cushion.

At traffic lights, you know, when you have nothing to do, in the waiting room, in the grocery store, when you’re heightening your cortisol because the line’s not going fast enough and killing yourself while you’re checking out, which is what you’re really doing on a microscopic level, you can instead do mindfulness practices standing in line.  And by the time you get to check out, not only are you feeling much better, but you’ve actually improved your health because, you’re calm, you’re feeling good, you might actually have a nice conversation with the checkout person.

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Donna Rockwell, Psy.D. Dr. Donna Rockwell, Psy.D., L.P. is a licensed clinical psychologist, adjunct faculty member, community outreach worker, columnist, and mindfulness meditation teacher. Dr. Rockwell specializes in both mindfulness and celebrity mental health. She works with clients in her private practice and teaches public meditation classes. You can watch Dr. Rockwell on YouTube or read more of her blogs at The New Existentialists.

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