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3 Simple Ways to Increase Happiness

There’s no question in my mind that we all want to be happy. For some people happiness comes easier than others, but what we’re starting to understand is that happiness — that sense of connection and ease of appreciating the ...

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4 Mindful Ways to Start Your Week

How we start the morning often sets the stage for how the rest of the day unfolds. Life has a habit of throwing us curve balls in many forms – a heated email, a fender bender, or a failed deal that you ...

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Empathy: How It Can Help Us All Right Now

In the aftermath of the most contentious election in recent history, many people are talking about the need for empathy in order to heal our divided nation. Facebook posts are flying around that charge us to rise above the rancor ...

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The Healing Power of Gratitude

“You were given life; it is your duty (and also your entitlement as a human being) to find something beautiful within life, no matter how slight.” ~Elizabeth Gilbert There is perhaps no better tool to live in the present and find ...

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An Introduction to Mindfulness

What is mindfulness? Mindfulness is a state that can be cultivated in which one is aware of one’s present experience and responds to this experience in a non-judgmental and non-reactive way. The practice of mindfulness often leads to a sense ...

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VIDEO: Mindfulness as a Psychology of Being

In her interview with PsychAlive Senior Editor Lisa Firestone, Dr. Donna Rockwell talks about mindfulness as a psychology of being. Lisa Firestone: So, you’ve talked about Buddhism in relation to mindfulness.  Do you see mindfulness as inherently as part of ...

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VIDEO: The Everyday Cultivation of Mindfulness

In her interview with PsychAlive Senior Editor Lisa Firestone, Dr. Donna Rockwell talks about the everyday cultivation of mindfulness. But, you see, the thing I also think is true is that we don’t even – yes, it’s great to have ...

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Benefits of Mindfulness

If asked to explain the value of mindfulness, you may want to consider the following question, can you sit for one minute and completely quiet your mind?  Can you do this without feeling like you’re coming out of your skin?  ...

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VIDEO: Formal Sitting Meditation Practice

In her interview with PsychAlive Senior Editor Lisa Firestone, Dr. Donna Rockwell describes, in detail, formal sitting meditation practice. Watch or read the interview below. First the notion is that it really matters sort of how we sit and what ...

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VIDEO: Reap the Benefits of Mindful Living

In her interview with PsychAlive Senior Editor Lisa Firestone, Dr. Donna Rockwell talks about quick and simple ways to reap the benefits of mindful living. Watch or read the interview below. What you can do in the morning before you jump ...

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