VIDEO: Teaching Children to Be More Mindful

In her interview with PsychAlive Senior Editor Lisa Firestone, Dr. Donna Rockwell talks about The Hawn Foundation and the benefits of teaching children to be more mindful.

Goldie Hawn started the Hawn Foundation and she’s very active in teaching children in school what she calls focusing because mindfulness is too scary or meditation is too scary.  So, and this is another important point – they spend a lot of time with children working on their senses – What do you see? What can you touch?  What can you smell?  So that they’re actually connected in their bodies.  They can start learning feeling words.  And, yeah, I think it’s really important.

And her work, what she’s doing and all work with teaching children how to be more mindful.  Because if we can create a more mindful kindergarten class, we’re going to have a more mindful congress in 20 years and a more mindful president and a more mindful everything, a more mindful society.  So I think I really applaud her work and I think we all need to work even with our own children in our own homes to create a more mindful environment.

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Donna Rockwell, Psy.D. Dr. Donna Rockwell, Psy.D., L.P. is a licensed clinical psychologist, adjunct faculty member, community outreach worker, columnist, and mindfulness meditation teacher. Dr. Rockwell specializes in both mindfulness and celebrity mental health. She works with clients in her private practice and teaches public meditation classes. You can watch Dr. Rockwell on YouTube or read more of her blogs at The New Existentialists.

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