The Truth About Love

truth about love

The Highs, the Lows and How You Can Make It Last Forever. Pat Love, Ed.D. – The problems that pervade relationships are more predictable and less puzzling than one may think. This book helps explain the stages of falling in love, why it makes us feel so good in the beginning and so bad in the end, how it builds our partners up and, eventually, tears them down. By understanding the physiological and psychological elements in ourselves that often lead us to destroy our close relationships, we are better able to fight against these forces and maintain the true love we feel for our partners. With interactive elements such as quizzes and abundant information on the process of falling and living in love, this book is a valuable resource for maintaining close, loving relationships.


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su seguros

This post is very wonderfulfor me to make a futher study,moreover,I will be more interested in yours articles.Thank you .

Kathe Skinner

As a psychotherapist working with couples, this book is a must-read for my clients. My own copy is dog-eared; everyone’s should be!

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