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Why We Need to Teach Kids Emotional Intelligence

For years, I’ve taught a weekly psychology class to students ranging from 7 to 14 years-old. In this class, I encourage self-reflection, asking kids to identify and express what they think and feel and to consider the thoughts and feelings ...

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A Gender Sensitive Approach to Violence

Violence, youth violence, PTSD

Dr. Don Meichenbaum, PTSD expert, discusses an individuals journey from birth, to engaging in violence in this exclusive interview series with Dr. Lisa Firestone. I’m a clinical psychologist and for thirty-five years, I had been involved at the University of Waterloo, ...

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Learning from My Students

In honor of back-to-school season, here is a story from a PsychAlive reader about lessons learned as an elementary school teacher. As a teacher, it is easy  to feel that you are better than the kids you are teaching.  It ...

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Your Child and Self-Control: Job or Jail?

Whether your child grows up to lead a productive, satisfying life — or instead grows up to lead a life of crime — a new study shows that self-control is a determining factor.  An added benefit for those who have ...

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Role Models

“Example is not the main thing, it is the only thing.” Albert Schwitzer The most powerful influence that parents can have on their children’s lives is the example they set by how they live their own lives. Children instinctively identify ...

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One of parenting’s most challenging opportunities Often in circumstances where it is necessary for a parent to discipline a child, the parent’s own anger or frustration comes through in lieu of healthy guidance and direction. At these times, we hear ...

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