sandy hook shooting

Resources to Help in the Aftermath of School Shootings

We have had many parents and caregivers writing to us and asking what they can do in the aftermath of the tragic Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. So we decided to share the following articles, guides and resources: Helping your children manage distress in the aftermath of a shooting Managing your distress in the aftermath… Read more »

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Thoughts About a Massacre

We can point fingers in the aftermath of Sandy Hook.  It is the guns, the NRA, the politicians, the violent video games, the Asperger’s or school security.  Bottom line it is a human problem!  As a society we have moved away from thinking, feeling and being in connection.  Yes there is sadness, anger, pain, disappointment,… Read more »

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A Horrific Event – What Can We Learn From the Sandy Hook Shooting

Scary, disturbing, disgusting and virtually incomprehensible. These are the immediate feelings that overwhelm me while I watch the news unfold about the Newtown massacre.  As the details come to light, reports of the shooter’s history of “Aspersers”, social isolation and engagement in violent video games can be very alarming.  I know that there are many… Read more »

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