parenting style

It isn’t whether you win or lose, it is how you play the game, or is it? The law of unintended consequences

It seems today as if outcome or product is the priority.  From grades and test scores, following rules, being “good”, winning a soccer game to getting into the best college or job, the focus is on the end product.  While this seems to be a responsible pursuit for conscientious parents, this path may in fact… Read more »

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"Tiger Mother" Techniques Have the Right Intention but Wrong Tactics

Amy Chua, a professor of law at Yale University, recently published a book describing her strict child-rearing techniques and experiences titled Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother (Penguin Press, 2011). Chua, a mother of two daughters, ascribes to a traditional Chinese parenting style that demands nothing short of perfection from her children: allowing nothing below… Read more »

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